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Dear All

Please pass onto anyone who may be interested in doing postgrad work at UTS.
Many thanks,


University of Technology, Sydney

The Transforming Cultures Research Centre is a cultural studies research centre that sits within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS. We are always looking for talented  students with excellent communication skills who wish to take up postgraduate work within our centre. We have a great set of academic members for you to consider as supervisors or co-supervisors and their  research interests are listed below. UTS offers a range of scholarships and some opportunities for casual tutoring while completing a higher degree. The first step is to identify a relevant supervisor from the list below. If you have any immediate queries about the centre please look at our webpage   http://www.tfc.uts.edu.au<http://www.tfc.uts.edu.au/>
or email our administrator Claire Moore (Claire.Moore at uts.edu.au<mailto:Claire.Moore at uts.edu.au>)

I look forward to welcoming you to the centre,
Katrina Schlunke
Director, Transformng Cultures Research Centre

Research culture

Research students are postgraduate members of the Transforming Cultures Research Centre and are invited to participate in the Centre's active series of seminars, workshops, colloquia and conferences. The Centre provides seminars and master-classes for higher degree research students, which focus on contemporary theoretical and methodological issues and are given by leading national and international scholars in the disciplines associated with Transforming Cultures (TfC). The TfC Management Board has a representative whose special responsibility is to liaise with research students about relevant seminars and to provide access to the funding that TfC provides to assist with conference travel. TfC also provides financial and other assistance for research students who arrange their own reading groups, symposia and conferences.
Associate Professor Katrina Schlunke<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=1601>
Poetics of the Past
Place and Postcoloniality
Critical Whiteness Studies
Material Culture
Sexuality Studies
Massacre Studies
Australian Studies
Cultural Histories
German/Australian Colonial Entanglements
Materialising Ludwig Leichhardt
Re-imagining Captain Cook

Associate Professor Paul Allatson<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=2441>
Latino Studies
Transamerican Studies
Cultural Studies
Media and Film Studies
and Queer Studies

Dr Jeffrey Browitt<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=2397>
Jeff;s current research interests include: Central America literary and cultural studies; Caribbean cosmopolitianisms from below; aesthetic philosophy; and translation (Spanish to English).

Professor Anne Cranny-Francis<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=8449>
Ethics and politics of new technologies, particularly touch-based (haptic & smart textile) technologies
Sensory studies, particularly touch
Sound studies
Feminist and Gender Studies
Multimodal Literacies
Media and Cultural Studies
The work of Jack Lindsay

Dr Tara Forrest<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=1592>
Frankfurt School Cultural and Media Theory (Walter Benjamin, Siegfried Kracauer, Theodor W. Adorno, Alexander Kluge)
Experimental Film and Television
Art and Politics
The work of Christoph Schlingensief
Alternative Public Spheres
Experimental Approaches to History

Dr Angela Giovanangeli<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=2447>
French national unity in the context of the European union
Language policies in French speaking countries
Technology in the language classroom

Sabina Groeneveld<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=2234>
Developments within German Language and Culture
German Literature
Post-/Colonial Studies
Constructions of ‘self’; ’others’; and ‘place’ within everyday life
Expressions of belonging through letters, diaries and memoirs

Dr Andrew Hurley<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=3314>
Reception of Jazz in Germany
Jazz and popular Music
German and Australian Film
The interface between law and art
Contemporary German Literature

Dr Meredith Jones<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=392>
Gender studies and transgender studies
Popular media studies, especially new/digital media
Culture and technology studies
Cosmetic surgery studies
Body modification studies
Feminist theories of the body

Dr Julie Robert<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=10775>
Quebec and la Francophonie
Medical discourse
Views of alcohol and drinking
Rural cultures
Political writing

Dr Catherine Robinson<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=1608>
Sociologies and geographies of affect and embodiment
Methodological developments within qualitative inquiry (in particular within ethnography, including autoethnography)
Experimental writing and research practice ('corporeography' or writing/knowing through the body)
Mental health, homelessness, violence, trauma, trauma-informed care
The breast, breastfeeding, breastfeeding technologies, ‘failed’ breastfeeding and motherhood

Dr Ilaria Vanni Accarigi<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=2420>
Cultural Activism
Site-specific Cultural Studies
Digital Media and Social Change
Cultural Practices, Migration and Transculturation
Objects, Theories and Histories

Dr Virginia Watson<http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/tfc/members/detail.cfm?StaffID=1609>
·       Australian political and cultural history
Cultures and politics of citizenship
Identity and belonging
Ethnographic history
Political theory
·       Research Methodologies include:
Policy analysis
Ethnographic action research
Archival and textual analysis
History of the present

Associate Professor Katrina Schlunke
Director, Transforming Cultures Research Centre
Cultural Studies Academic Group
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Build.10. Levl 5 Rm. 106
T +61 2 95142294
M 0405066159
E katrina.schlunke at uts.edu.au<mailto:katrina.schlunke at uts.edu.au>

Editor, Cultural Studies Review

UTS CRICOS Provider Code: 00099F
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