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Screen & Cultural Studies in the School of Culture & Communication presents

Dr Aren Aizura:

Beyond Queering the Chain of Care: Affective Feminizations, Biological Investments

Thursday August 1, 1pm – 2:30pm
Microbiology 124 (Thomas Cherry Theatrette)
University of Melbourne

Martin Manalansan observed in 2007 that we need to "queer" the chain of care—by which he meant transnational care work economies that naturalize and undervalue the labors of women of color. Not only women are subject to transnational care work economies. But what are the implications of this observation? What forms of racialized gendering enable all kinds of bodies to perform queered affective labors? What gendered, sexual and racialized social relations are taking shape through such affective labour practices? This paper reads practices of care work in Thai gender reassignment clinics against theories of orientalism and self-orientalism, affective labour and biopolitical subjectivity, to provoke affective labor theory to “queer” itself.
Aren Aizura is Assistant Professor in Women and Gender Studies at Arizona State University. His research focuses on how biopolitical technologies of race, gender, transnationality, medicalization and political economy shape and are shaped by transgender and queer bodies. He particularly focuses on South East Asia. He is the editor of the Transgender Studies Reader 2 (Routledge) and has published widely in books and journals including Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Asian Studies Review, Transgender Migrations (Routledge, 2011), Queer Bangkok (Hong Kong University Press, 2011), and Trans Feminist Perspectives (Temple UP, 2012). He was awarded his PhD in the Cultural Studies Program at the University of Melbourne in 2009.

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