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New book:

Cristina Rocha & Manuel A. Vásquez


The Diaspora of Brazilian Religions explores the global spread of religions originating in Brazil, a country that has emerged as a major pole of religious innovation and production. Through ethnographically-rich case studies throughout the world, ranging from the Americas (Canada, the U.S., Peru, and Argentina) and Europe (the U.K., Portugal, and the Netherlands) to Asia (Japan) and Oceania (Australia), the book examines the conditions, actors, and media that have made possible the worldwide construction, circulation, and consumption of Brazilian religious identities, practices, and lifestyles, including those connected with indigenized forms of Pentecostalism and Catholicism, African-based religions such as Candomblé and Umbanda, as well as diverse expressions of New Age Spiritism such as the John of God Movement, and Ayahuasca-centered neo-shamanism like Vale do Amanhecer and Santo Daime.

Table of Contents

Introduction:  Brazil in the New Global Cartography of Religion
Manuel A. Vásquez and Cristina Rocha


Ch 1: Edir Macedo's Pastoral Project: A Globally Integrated Pentecostal Network
Clara Mafra, Claudia Swatowiski, and Camila Sampaio

Ch 2: Brazilian Churches in London: Transnationalism of the Middle
Olivia Sheringham

Ch 3: The 'Devil's Egg': The Football Players as New Missionaries of the Diaspora of Brazilian Religions
Carmen Rial

Ch 4: Brazilian Pentecostalism in Peru: Affinities between the Social and Cultural Conditions of Andean Migrants and the Religious Worldview of the Pentecostal Church "God is Love"
Dario Paulo Barrera Rivera

Ch 5: Catholicism for Export: The Case of Canção Nova
Brenda Carranza and Cecília Mariz


Ch 6: Umbanda and Batuque in the Southern Cone:  Transnationalization as cross-border religious flow and as social field
Alejandro Frigerio

Ch 7: Pretos Velhos across the Atlantic: Afro-Brazilian Religions in Portugal
Clara Saraiva

Ch 8: Transnational Authenticity: An Umbanda Temple in Montreal
Deirdre Meintel and Annick Hernandez

Ch 9: Japanese Brazilians among Pretos-Velhos, Caboclos, Buddhist Monks and Samurais: An Ethnographic Study of Umbanda in Japan
Ushi Arakaki

Ch 10:  Mora Iemanja? Axé in Diasporic Capoeira Regional
Neil Stephens and Sara Delamont


Ch 11: Building a Transnational Spiritual Community: The John of God Movement in Australia
Cristina Rocha

Ch 12: The Valley of Dawn in Atlanta, Georgia: Negotiating Gender Identity and Incorporation in the Diaspora
José Cláudio Souza Alves and Manuel A. Vásquez

Ch 13: The Niche Globalization of Projectiology: Cosmology and Internationalization of a Brazilian Parascience
Anthony Fischer D'Andrea

Ch 14: Transcultural keys: Humor, Creativity and other Relational Artifacts in the transposition of a Brazilian Ayahuasca Religion to the Netherlands
Alberto Groisman

Dr. Cristina Rocha
Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Communications Arts
University of Western Sydney

Editor of The Diaspora of Brazilian Religions (with Manuel Vasquez, Brill, 2013);  Buddhism in Australia: Traditions in Change (with Michelle Barker, Routledge, 2010) and author of Zen in Brazil: The Quest for Cosmopolitan Modernity (Hawaii University Press, 2006).
Editor: Journal of Global Buddhism<http://www.globalbuddhism.org/>

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