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PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO YOUR CULTURAL HISTORY, LITERATURE AND OTHER RELEVANT FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES – we wish to begin that work of re-imaging who and what Leichhardt has left and produced and continue to produce.

German explorer Ludwig Leichhardt, whose 200th birthday will be celebrated this year, is probably the most prominent icon jointly claimed by Germans and Australians.  He has challenged the imagination of Australians and Germans ever since he ‘disappeared’ without a trace in the centre of the Australian continent on his third voyage in 1848.  Leichhardt’s reputation and significance have shifted with the politics and national sentiment expressed across differentepochs and political settings, Australian and German, as he has ranged fromhero, to madman, from Nazi icon to East German humanist par excellence.  This one-day symposium takes Leichhardt’s anniversary as an opportunity to re-investigate and interrogate more deeply his many legacies.

We invite presentations on the following themes:

·      Leichhardt’s body and texts

·      Cultural productions and Leichhardt

·      Leichhardt and narratives of nation

·      Leichhardt in the popular imagination

·      Material Leichhardtiana

·      Indigenous people and Leichhardt

·      Leichhardt as an historical figure

·      The trope of disappearance in Australian or German culture


PLEASE SEND ABSTRACTS TO: Andrew.Hurley at uts.edu.au<mailto:Andrew.Hurley at uts.edu.au>

Abstracts should be no more than 300 words.

Notification of acceptance will be provided on by 28 February.

To ensure engaged discussion and debate paper givers will be asked to submit a7-10 page version of their paper due 15 March. Copies of these papers will be circulated to all participants prior to the seminar.

CONTACT: Andrew.Hurley at uts.edu.au<mailto:Andrew.Hurley at uts.edu.au>
[cid:4684145B-1104-4F85-A28B-4FCA1E54E1AB]Ph: 02 9514 1653

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