[csaa-forum] JOB OPPORTUNITY: Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre: Recruiting a Research Program Leader

Amanda Third A.Third at uws.edu.au
Thu Jan 24 11:31:02 CST 2013

Dear cultural studies colleagues

The Young and Well CRC is recruiting for a Research Program Leader to fill a 12 month maternity leave position. For more info about the Young and Well CRC, please visit http://www.youngandwellcrc.org.au/. Position description attached.

Best wishes

Amanda Third
The Young and Well CRC is looking for an experienced and passionate Research Program Leader to join our team for a 12 month maternity contract starting in February/March 2013.

This is an integral role in the Young and Well CRC's research leadership team and we would greatly appreciate your assistance in passing on this information and position description<http://youngandwellcrc.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=78ff24a48eab25995cb805a32&id=101ba1418f&e=d0467b45d6> to anyone who you think would be interested in the role.

Do you know someone amazing who has experience leading research programs? Share this opportunity with them:

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Position description
The Research Program Leader role has responsibility for our Research Program One: Safe and Supportive<http://youngandwellcrc.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=78ff24a48eab25995cb805a32&id=634a433160&e=d0467b45d6>, which comprises four research projects that explore technologies as settings to promote cybersafety and strengthen the resilience, mental health and wellbeing of all young people aged 12 to 25. Research Program Leaders are responsible for the strategic development and management of a stream of research within the Young and Well CRC and are deployed in the development, assessment, monitoring and review of research projects, the current Young and Well CRC research program, and future prospects for the Young and Well CRC. This position is a 0.5 FTE role that focuses on intellectual and strategic leadership of each stream of research.

How to apply
The role includes a stipend per annum to the Research Program Leader’s home institution/employer.
Please send applications directly to kirsty at yawcrc.org.au<mailto:kirsty at yawcrc.org.au?subject=Application%3A%20RPL1%20vacancy> by 5pm AEST, Friday 8 February 2013. Please feel free to contact me directly on +61 3 9937 1326 to discuss the role.

KIRSTY BURKE // Head of Operations

Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre

Unit 17, 71 Victoria Crescent, Abbotsford VIC 3067 Australia

Direct +61 3 9937 1326 Phone +61 3 9937 1333

Mobile +61 404 230 460 Skype kirstyteeda

Email kirsty at yawcrc.org.au<mailto:kirsty at yawcrc.org.au> Web youngandwellcrc.org.au<http://youngandwellcrc.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=78ff24a48eab25995cb805a32&id=cc0735c7ed&e=d0467b45d6>

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