[csaa-forum] UQ CCCS Public Lecture: A Taste for Place? Architecture, Edification and Citizenship in Queensland: 20th September @ 5.30

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Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
Public Lecture Invitation

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A Taste for Place? Architecture, Edification
and Citizenship in Queensland

Professor John Macarthur, Dr Naomi Stead,
Dr Deborah van der Plaat (ATCH Research Centre UQ)

Thursday 20 September, 5:30 - 6:30pm

The University of Queensland Art Museum
Building 11, St Lucia Campus (Map<http://www.uq.edu.au/maps/index.html?menu=1&x=G.78&y=6&z=0&xc%5b%5d=G.78&yc%5b%5d=6&id=150&facilityType=&backURL=&mx=0&my=0&mapcoord=?175,123>)

This lecture will trace how concepts of 'place' have been used to frame Queensland architecture, and how this has been refracted through a shifting terminology of climate, landscape, and nature. It will question when and why Queensland architecture has been framed and promoted as 'art' and how this relates to past and present notions of architecture as fine art, industry and design.

The particularities of the built environment in Queensland are widely observed as an aspect of lifestyle, but little understood as architecture and the object of cultural policy.  Nevertheless, flagship buildings have long been employed by government as instruments of edification, and occasions for a training in citizenship. While there is currently no explicit state policy on architecture in Queensland, a range of institutions enact implicit strategy by framing local buildings as aesthetically 'cutting edge': equally site-specific and exportable, regionalist and cosmopolitan. Part of this can be explained by the fact that architecture in Queensland, uniquely in Australia, has long been understood in terms of climate. Historically seen as a solution to the problem of heat and humidity, local buildings were framed in terms of site-specific technical amelioration rather than art. In the present day however, this situation has reversed: the local climate is now highly valued in terms of lifestyle and cultural capital, with a corresponding rise in the taste for and perceived artistic value of 'regionalist' architecture.

This lecture will trace the authors' attempts to understand architecture as a matter of public policy in Queensland, comparing the present with the turn of the 20th Century. By examining architectural projects including Lindsay and Kerry Clare's Gallery of Modern Art of 2006, and GHM Addison's New Exhibition Building of 1891, the paper will trace shifts in understanding of architecture as art and as industry, as 'regionalist', climate responsive and place specific. This forms part of a larger project examining the cultural logic of state attempts to train an audience and taste for architecture in Queensland.

Professor John Macarthur is Head of School and Dean of Architecture at the University of Queensland, where he conducts research and teaches in the history and theory of architecture and also teaches architectural design. At UQ John also directs the research centre ATCH (architecture.theory.criticism.history<http://www.uq.edu.au/atch/>), which is a national leader in architectural research, with a substantial track-record in winning competitive research grants.
Dr Naomi Stead is a Research Fellow in the ATCH Research Centre in the School of Architecture, UQ. She is a co-editor of the journal Architectural Theory Review. Current research projects examine architectural criticism, experimental writing practices in architecture, and the representation of architects in other media.
Dr Deborah van der Plaat is a Research Fellow with the ATCH Research Centre in the School of Architecture, UQ. Her research examines the architecture of nineteenth century Queensland and Britain and theories of artistic agency, climate, place and modernity.


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