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Transformations announces the release of issue 22


Issue No. 22   2012 ‹ Hyperaesthetic Culture

We live in a competitive sensory environment. This environment is saturated
with alluring, proliferating and intense sense experience as technologies
provide access to things previously beyond human perception. Bodies are
cultivated to be aesthetically appealing and optimally available to the
senses for commercial, medical and security purposes. The marketing of
consumer goods continually appeals to taste, touch, vision, hearing, and
smell, compelling other practices to engage our senses in what David Howes
describes as a ³hyperaesthetic culture.²  This issue of Transformations
examines hyperaesthetic culture and its reconfiguration of our sensory
experience. In doing so, it brings together analysis of new sensory
technologies with discussion of the senses¹ role in the modulation of affect
and our spatio-temporal experience. The problems and potentials for
subjectivity generated by sensory technologies, and strategies for critical
thought in such an environment are also explored.

A Critique of the Hyper State: Aesthetics, Technology and Experience
Melanie Swalwell
Smiling in the Post-Fordist ³Affective² Economy
Kaima Negishi
Sensory Regimes in TV Marketing: Boardwalk Empire¹s Chromatic Enhancement
and Digital Aesthetics
Enrica Picarelli
Benjamin¹s Shock and Image: Critical Responses to Hyperaesthetic Culture
Erika Kerruish
Flying Objects, Sitting Still, Killing Time
Christopher Schaberg
Pain Sense: Nociception, Affect and the Visual Encounter
Anthony McCosker
Formatting the Senses of Touch
Mika Elo

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