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REVEALING THE READER: Locating the history, present and future of reading.
A Symposium
28 & 29 June, 2012
Centre for the Book, Monash University

Recent developments in the history of the book demonstrate that an
interest in the material history of print culture inevitably leads us
to the question of readers. How well can we understand the past,
present and future of print culture without examining the uses to
which it is put by its audience? This question serves not only to
remind us of the primacy of the economic relationship between readers,
writers and publishers, but draws our attention to the variety of
cultural, social, political, and interpersonal roles that reading has
played and continues to play.

Revealing the Reader brings together scholars from around the world
with a shared interest in reading practices, both contemporary and
historical. The symposium is a forum for showcasing current work in
the rapidly expanding field of reader research, and offers a forum for
discussion and debate on the key concerns in the field.

Presentations will cover topics such as:
•	The use of autobiographical materials in reading research
•	Technologies of reading and evidence of reading provided by online
•	Reading communities, online and off
•	Material records of reading
•	New methodologies for revealing the reader

Key note speakers:
•	Danielle Fuller (University of Birmingham): a chief investigator in
the Beyond The Book research project into mass reading events.
•	Susan Martin (La Trobe University): co-author of Sensational
Melbourne: Reading, Sensation Fiction and Lady Audley's Secret in the
Victorian Metropolis.
•	Julie Rak (University of Alberta): author of a forthcoming study on
the memoir boom in North America.

The symposium will follow a one day masterclass, led by Danielle
Fuller, on Thursday 28 June at the Wheeler Centre Melbourne presented
in conjunction with the ‘Readers and Reception’ Masterclass series,
organised by the National Centre for the Australian Studies, School of
Journalism, Australian and Indigenous Studies. Information on the
Masterclass series is available from Jinna.Tay at monash.edu.

Monash University Conference Centre
Level 7, 30 Collins Street Melbourne.

Symposium website: http://arts.monash.edu.au/the-book/conferences/

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