[csaa-forum] Call for Nominations -- The Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) Board

Gilbert B. Rodman gbrodman at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 25 11:31:31 CST 2012

To all ACS members,

The ACS Bylaws (found at http://cultstud.org/index.php?id=6) call for an 
election of the association's Board every four years, and since the 
current Board began its term in 2008, the time has come to elect a new 

The bylaws state that the Board has one Chair and one Vice-Chair, plus 
regional representatives as follows:

Africa - 3 (one from Southern Africa)
Asia - 4 (one from Northeast Asia, one from Southeast Asia, and one from 
South Asia)
Australia and New Zealand - 2
Europe - 4 (one from Northern Europe, one from Central and Eastern 
Europe, and one from Western and Southern Europe)
Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean - 4
North America and the English- and French-speaking Caribbean - 4

The bylaws make it necessary to hold the election electronically, so 
that the results of the election can be announced at the Crossroads 
conference in July. The first step in the election process is to find 
good and willing candidates. We therefore ask for nominations now! The 
following current Board members have chosen not to stand for 
re-election, and we would like to publicly thank them here for their 
service to the Association for the past four (or, for those Board 
members marked with an asterisk, eight) years:

Melissa Gregg (Organizational Secretary, Australia)*
Handel Kashope Wright (Africa)*
Yoshitaka Mouri (Asia)
Ferda Keskin (Asia)
Ursula Ganz-Blättler (Europe)*
Anne Scott Sørensen(Europe)*
Eduardo Restrepo (Latin America)
Jody Berland (North America)*

All other current Board members are hereby nominated as candidates to 
the new Board:

Boulou Ebanda de B’beri (Africa)
Abdulhamied Alromaithy (Asia)
Stephen Chan (Asia)
Roman Horak (Europe)
Eric Maigret (Europe)
Chantal Cornut-Gentille D’Arcy (Europe)
Rosario Radakovich (Latin America)
Pepi Leistyna (North America)

Additionally, Gil Rodman (North America) and Sonjah Stanley Niaah (North 
America), who have been serving as Acting Chair and Acting Vice-Chair 
(respectively) of the Board since 2010, have agreed to stand for 
election as Chair and Vice Chair (again, respectively)

Considering the need to fill all positions, as well as the desire to 
have access to potential substitutes, it is obviously important that 
good representatives are nominated from all regions. We would thus like 
to invite the Association's membership to submit nominations for 
suitable Board members, including the positions of Chair and Vice Chair.

All nominations must be submitted by 29 Feb 2012 via email to 
info at cultstud.org.

Each nomination (including those for current Board members standing for 
re-election) must be accompanied by a brief statement (250-500 words) 
presenting the nominee. Self-nominations are permitted. If nominating 
someone other than yourself, please provide contact information for the 
nominee so that we can confirm his or her willingness to be nominated.

Please do not send any nominations to this listserv. All nominations 
will be announced on the ACS website in March 2012, with full 
information on the voting procedure, and with discussion time before the 
actual voting starts.

-- The ACS Executive Committee

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