[csaa-forum] CFP, Special issue of Asiatic: The Poetry and Poetics of Popular Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Fri Jan 13 17:07:50 CST 2012

*Call for Papers*

 *Special Issue of **Asiatic**, September 2012*

 *The Poetry and Poetics of Popular Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region*

 *Asiatic* invites papers on poetry and poetics and their relations and
connections to popular culture in all its forms in the context of
Asia-Pacific/Australasian region.

 As an influential and intellectual discourse, poetry’s presence and
influence can be found in all forms of pop culture and everyday life, from
the general presence of poetry in popular film and TV, to the role and
presence of poets as characters, to the prominence of particular poets in
the popular realm, to the poetics of popular media forms.

 Similarly, pop culture is equally a presence in poetry, with poets
embracing not only its ubiquitous presence as a topic, but also delving
into its personal individual resonances, and embracing its forms and

 Self-reflective papers based on poets’ own poetry are most welcome.

 Papers are to be submitted for peer-review by *April 30, 2012*.

 For submission guidelines please refer to the *Asiatic* webpage:


 All email queries, abstracts and articles should be sent to the editors of
the issue:

 Dr. Ioana Petrescu, University of South Australia (
Ioana.Petrescu at unisa.edu.au)


 Professor Mohammad A. Quayum (mquayum at gamil.com).
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