[csaa-forum] HERDC/ERA criteria

Mark Gibson mark.gibson at monash.edu
Wed Mar 2 13:35:46 CST 2011

Very interesting Anna. I wonder how effective the N American council is? I
should look into it. But no, I¹m certainly not aware of anything like that
here. The only context in which we on Continuum get to meet other editors is
in the annual Taylor and Francis journal editor¹s roundtables. It¹s always
useful to compare notes with others and the T&F people are often quite
interesting in their perspectives on the business, but it¹s limited to T&F
journals and certainly doesn¹t have the sort of agenda we¹re talking about.


On 2/03/11 2:54 PM, "Anna Poletti (Arts)" <anna.poletti at monash.edu> wrote:

> Apologies for sounding too naive and/or like a radical from a by-gone era, but
> I think it is vital that we push back on these issues around defining
> scholarly practice and at the very least make the organisations responsible
> for determining what has value do the work of justifying their decisions.
> North America has a Council of Editors of Learned Journals
> (http://thecelj.blogspot.com/), does Australia have such a body? If not, can
> one be formed to make representations as those outlined by both Jon and Mark?
> Best wishes
> Anna

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