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New Issue! New Site!

many thanks to Mat Wall-Smith, who has designed and implemented the
Fibreculture Journal's new site. He has built a new discussion section that
we hope will shift the engagement with the journal. It collects comments on
articles into "discussions" at a separate part of the new site.

This is called FCJ Mesh - http://mesh.fibreculturejournal.org/

Issue Edited by Tom Apperley and Michael Dieter

'The star player is one who modifies expected mechanisms of channeling
field-potential. The star plays against the rules but not by breaking them'
(Massumi 2002: 77).

Unruly innovation is an intrinsic dimension of gaming. To claim that play is
not a passive or neutral activity is hardly a groundbreaking observation.
However, we believe that the contingent and transformative dynamics
unleashed by games demand careful analysis. The fact that play exists in
excess of any rules or parameters inevitably leads to controversies and
disputes, along with processes of economic valorisation and the extraction
of value beyond the shifting boundaries of a game. All of this requires
critical discussion and debate. In this special issue, therefore, we have
invited responses to the concept of counterplay. Referring to ludic or
playful vitality in its most transformative expressions, counterplay speaks
directly to the disruptive creation of the new through the reiterations of

*The Fibreculture Journal* is a peer reviewed international journal, first
published in 2003 to explore the issues and ideas of concern to both the
Fibreculture network.

*The Fibreculture Journal* now serves wider social formations across the
international community of those thinking critically about, and working
with, contemporary digital and networked media.

*The Fibreculture Journal* has an international Editorial Board and
Committee <http://fibreculturejournal.org/policy-and-style/>.

In 2008, *the Fibreculture Journal* became a part of the Open Humanities
Press <http://openhumanitiespress.org/> , a key initiative in the
development of the Open Access journal community.
The journal encourages critical and speculative interventions in the debate
and discussions concerning a wide range of topics of interest. These include
the social and cultural contexts, philosophy and politics of contemporary
media technologies and events, with a special emphasis on the ongoing
social, technical and conceptual transitions involved.


"A traveller, who has lost his way, should not ask, Where am I? What he
really wants to know is, Where are the other places" - Alfred North

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