[csaa-forum] Affective fabrics of digital cultures: feelings, technologies, politics

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Hoping some more Aussies might come to this!

Affective fabrics of digital cultures: feelings,technologies, politics

3-4 June 2010, The University of Manchester

Plenary speakers:
Una Chung (Sarah Lawrence College)
Patricia Clough (Queens College, CUNY)
Anne-Marie Fortier (Lancaster University)
Melissa Gregg (The University of Sydney)
Athina Karatzogianni (The University of Hull)
Luciana Parisi (Goldsmith, University of London)

Organiser: Adi Kuntsman (RICC, The University of Manchester)

This two-day international conference brings into creative tension two
fields that are receiving growing scholarly attention: cultural studies of
affect, public feelings and the politics of emotion, on the one hand, and
scholarship on digital culture, new media and information-communication
technologies, on the other. The conference aims to create a space for
intellectual dialogue between the two fields by examining the relations
between technologies, and in particular, new digital technologies ­ the
Internet, digital cinema and photography, mobile communication, CCTVs,
computer games ­ and affective politics.

Bringing together contributions from the fields of sociology, media and
cultural studies, arts, politics and science and technology studies, the
conference will engage with the following questions:  How does affect work
in on-line networks and digital assemblages? What are the affective regimes
of on-line sociality? What kind of perceptions, sensations, affective
movements and public feelings emerge in our highly mediated and digitalised
environments? What is the cybertouch of war, violence, terror? What are the
structures of feeling that operate in the digitalised everyday and
computerised ordinary? How can we theorise psycho-political formations of
nation, race, empire, population and generation in the age of digital
reproduction, mediated visions and globalised communication technologies?
How do digital cultures shape our political horizons of fear, anxiety,
mourning, hate, hope?
We invite submission of abstracts for individual papers or round tables.
Alternative presentation formats are welcome; please contact us to discuss
further options. Please send your abstract (300 words for individual papers,
500 words for round tables) by 1st of February 2010 to
Adi.kuntsman at manchester.ac.uk. Candidates will be notified by 15th of March
2010. Selected papers will be considered for post-conference publication.


Dr. Adi Kuntsman 
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures
The University of Manchester
Second Floor, Arthur Lewis Building, room 2.007
Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, UK

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