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Crisis? Networks, Resilience, Disorder
Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre (CCS) Conference

WHEN: 9am – 5pm Monday 7th & 9am – 5pm Tuesday 8th December 2009
WHERE: Room 230, Level 1, Building 10, UTS (B10.01.230)
Jones Street, Ultimo (a short walk from Central Railway Station)

Crisis is ubiquitous: state failure, global insurgency, financial collapse,  
climate emergency. Systemic disorder prevails. What are its dynamics and  
drivers? What is the role of disorderly networks? Who wins from crisis, who  
loses? Who is resilient, who is vulnerable? This conference aims to explore  
global crisis as a normal state-of-play, deeply stratified and embedded.
The conference forms part of a broader project, 'Chaos, Information  
Technology, Global Administration and Daily Life' at CCS:  
Current Invitees: Theresa Anderson, Geoff Bowker, Francesca Da Rimini,  
Devleena Ghosh, James Goodman, Bob Hodge, Tony McGrew, David Vaile, Ilaria  
Vanni, Jeremy Walker, Didar Zowghi.
Paper proposals, up to 150 words by 30 October, to:  
Jonathan.Marshall at uts.edu.au
Please RSVP via email: ccs at uts.edu.au. This is a free event, but places are  
limited, wheelchair accessible.
Contact: Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre, University of  
Technology, Sydney, PO Box 123, Broadway, NSW 2000. Tel: 9514 9647
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