[csaa-forum] Reminder: TfC Annual Lecture, Kathleen Stewart

Meredith Jones Meredith.Jones at uts.edu.au
Thu Aug 13 14:59:21 CST 2009

Reminder: TfC Annual Lecture, Kathleen Stewart
Transforming Cultures is pleased to announce that this year the TfC 
Annual Lecture will be presented by Professor Kathleen Stewart (Dept. of 
Anthropology, University of Texas, Austin).

Atmospheric Atunements

Thursday 20th August 2009, 6:00 (drinks) for 6:30-8:00 pm
UTS Gallery Function Centre, Level 6, UTS Tower Building.

Something throws itself together. Or sags, shifts tone, or fails. 
Invisible airs quicken around nascent forms, rinding up like the skin of 
an orange. Circulating forces waver and pulse, visceralizing the sheer 
sense of something happening. The ordinary hums with the background 
noise of all that takes place in moments, scenes, objects, resonances, 
rhythms. The atmospheric attunes to the sentience of things passing in 
and out of existence, to the expressivity of what Giorgio Agamben calls 
’whatever being’. This sensing out that attends is itself a labor of 
worlding, an effort to inhabit a flighty ground.

This writing asks what it takes to live out the worlding of forces 
rinding up and dissipating. But it also wonders about the significance 
of accretion itself. The way that an atmosphere accretes for senses in 
sync with it (or sort it) and the worlding that accrues partially or 
fully, quickly or slowly, for a time, with habit or shock, in practices 
or daydreams. A worlding - an attunement - that can be sloughed off, 
realized, imagined, brought to bear or just born.

Please join us for drinks beforehand at 6:00.
RSVP to Lindi.Todd at uts.edu.au

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