[csaa-forum] Seminar with Professor Bernard Andrieu - Somatechnics Research Centre - 28th July

Jon Seltin Jon.Seltin at scmp.mq.edu.au
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We would like to invite you to attend the following seminar:

Professor Bernard Andrieu
(Faculté du Sport, Nancy Université France.

"Transbody: Becoming Hybrid in Self Health?"

Tuesday 28th July, 1-2pm, W6A Rm 820.
Macquarie University, North Ryde

Professor Andrieu's research engages and intervenes in medical  
epistemologies of the body, querying the disembodiment upon which  
they tend to rely. He is the author of a number of books, including  
"The Corporeal World: On the Interactive Constitution of Self",  
"Tanning: A Short History of the Sun and the Skin" and most recently, 

"Becoming Hybrid". This book, which has just been published, examines 

contemporary techniques of embodiment, in which technology is no  
longer exterior to our bodies, but constitutes the actions of our  
everyday lives. Such hybridizations are visible on and in and as our  
bodies: implants, genetically modified foods, prostheses, cyborgs,  
stem cells, cloning, pacemakers, chemicals, pollution. But the fear  
of this hybridity, of contamination and foreign bodies troubles our  
orientations, our relations with others and our behaviours. In the  
face of this moralistic technophobia, this book seeks to rethink  
hybridization as an ecology of iteration, of alteration and mobility. 

"Becoming Hybrid" defines a node possible mode of corporeal existence 

which mixes genders, cultures and bodies. From genetics to computer  
generated technologies, from nanotechnology to cyberpsychology, 21st  
century science opens up a new way of thinking about our identity and 

modes of social interaction.

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