[csaa-forum] Usyd GCS Seminar, 12 June: "Gender, Violence, and Embodiment"

Fiona Allon fiona.allon at usyd.edu.au
Fri Jun 5 15:19:18 CST 2009

Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney.

"Gender, Violence, and Embodiment"
Fernando J. Garcia-Selgas

This talk wants to explore the idea that gender embodiment is a basic ingredient in current gender violence. It will start by presenting the case of a sociological research on gender violence in heterosexual couples in Spain. Then, a brief comment on data, relevant concepts and hegemonic explanations will make it necessary to go beyond the reference to patriarchy and to look inside two additional ingredients: the specific dynamics of the heterosexual couples´ bond and gender embodiments. Finally, a few notes about the notion of embodiment (corporeality), as well as some relevant cases of gender embodiment, should help us to catch a glimpse of the importance of gender embodiment in this kind of violence. 

WHEN: Friday, 12 June, 2pm
WHERE: Western Tower Boardroom (J4.03), Quadrangle (A14), University of Sydney 
The seminar will followed by drinks at Manning Bar. All very welcome!

Fernando J. Garcia-Selgas, Professor of Sociology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), has been a visiting scholar at Cambridge University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and now Sydney University (GCSD). His main research areas are Critical Social Theory, Philosophy of Social Sciences, and Gender Studies, where he has published different books and papers (in Spanish) like  Social Theory and Metatheory Today: The Anthony Giddens' case (1994), A double edge razor: Violence and Representation (2006) or On Social Fluidity: Elements for a Cartography (2007). In English there he has edited an e-book  Transnationalism (2006) and published a book chapter "Feminist Epistemologies for Critical Social Theory: From Standpoint Theory to Situated Knowledge", in S. Harding (ed.), The Feminist Standpoint Reader: Intellectual & Political Controversies (2004). For the last five years he has been researching on gender violence.

RSVP/Apologies to Fiona Allon (fiona.allon at usyd.edu.au). If you have any questions about the seminar series or how to find the venue, please feel free to contact me.
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