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Dear Colleague,

Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and
Research, announced last year Australian Government funding of $1
million to support international research engagement for the humanities
and social sciences.

The funding will be offered through the International Science Linkages
(ISL) programme, which aims to facilitate and support research
cooperation between Australian researchers and leading counterparts from
overseas. The idea is to forge new strategic research relationships with
counterparts abroad, and to strengthen existing alliances; and to
promote Australian access to leading edge research groups and facilities

The Humanities and Arts component of the ISL programme will provide
targeted support for scholarly activities within the humanities and
creative arts, using the networks and expertise of the Australian
Academy of the Humanities (AAH). The Academy of the Social Sciences in
Australia is administering a similar programme for the social sciences.
These new schemes augment existing activities of the two scientific

The Minister has been clear that the 'S' in ISL is now to be interpreted
in the broadest, Latinate sense: humanities and arts scholarship will be
supported in their own right, and need not include any component from
the physical or natural sciences, although interdisciplinary
collaborations are always welcome.

The AAH is seeking input from Australian humanities and arts scholars to
help shape a funding programme for activities in academic year 2010. The
sorts of activities currently funded under the ISL programme include
exchanges, fellowships, workshops, and international conferences.

We are interested in finding out more about past, current and potential
collaborative research between Australian humanities and arts scholars
and colleagues abroad, with a view to identifying the specific funded
activities that would best support collaborations within the humanities
and arts.

After analysing responses from the academic humanities and arts
community, the Academy will fund supporting activities through a suite
of international collaborative grant programmes. The application and
selection round will take place during the second half of 2009.

For now, the Academy needs your advice to help make this opportunity as
useful as possible for your collaborative research. Please assist us by:

.      Completing the 5-minute survey
<https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=wgIBcU76_2b6QiSFWVG9zyXw_3d_3d >

.      Forwarding this email to interested colleagues.

Throughout May and June, we will also be staging a series of briefing
sessions at major centres around Australia to inform the sector about
international humanities linkage opportunities, and to continue to
inform the process. Please keep an eye on our website for more
information about the briefing sessions, which will be posted as it
becomes available: http://www.humanities.org.au/ISL.html

Best regards,

John Byron and Kylie Brass

Dr John Byron
Executive Director
The Australian Academy of the Humanities

T: +61 2 6125 9860
F: +61 2 6248 6287
M: +61 410 557 157
W: www.humanities.org.au
S: GPO Box 93 Canberra ACT 2601
A: 3 Liversidge Street Acton

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