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Dear Friends:

We (Paisley Currah and Susan Stryker) are writing because of your interest or involvement in the TransSomatechnics Conference held in Vancouver in May 2008.

We have been approached by a major academic publisher to create a new journal--the Transgender Studies Quarterly.

We believe this can be an important next step in the development of trans studies as an interdisiplinary area of inquiry and are excited to move forward with the opportunity.

There is a lot of absolutely first rate trans scholarship being produced that sometimes has difficulty getting published in the traditional disciplines, or even interdiscplinary areas. We'd like to remedy that. Furthermore, we think that publishing trans related research in a flagship journal will give this scholarship the readership it deserves, making it easier for those new to the topic to find work being produced in the trans studies field, and providing an intellectual hub for those already working in the field.

The journal will be international in scope, and take "transgender" as a broad starting point for critical and social analysis--including critiques of the way "transgender" itself functions. We are planning on publishing four issues a year--two will be "general" issues and two issues will be themed special issues, edited by guest editors. We seek to recruit a large editorial board, to help emerging scholars and advanced grad students gain professional experience, that can form smaller working groups to assume primary responsibility for steering each issue into print. Our goal as general editors is to provide organizational support and editorial oversight, but to spread the intellectual rewards and pragmatic responsibilities for the journal as broadly as possible.

As we draft the proposal, we're reaching out to you for feedback, ideas, suggestions, cautions, and caveats.  Your responses to some or all of the questions below will help us shape the proposal, and ultimately the journal, into an exciting venue for research in transgender studies.  And if you have other comments, please feel free to add them.


1. Would you be willing to serve on the editorial board or advisory board? If so, please forward to us your name, contact info, a short biographical profile, and your CV.

2. Do you have a "dream article" you'd like to write, or see written?

3. Do you have ideas for a themed special issue? What would your fantasy table of contents look like?

4. Do you have any opinions about what kinds of regular features would be useful or desirable, in addition to the standard scholarly research articles and book reviews (opinion pieces, conference reports, media/film/art reviews, activist alerts, archival treasures)?

5. Flagship journals of the type we propose are often the official publication of a professional organization. Is there any interest in using the launch of this journal to form a transgender studies association?

Thanks for taking the time to consider these requests!

Yours truly,

Paisley Currah                Susan Stryker
Associate Professor           Associate Professor
Political Science          Gender Studies                
CUNY-Brooklyn                    Indiana University

Elizabeth Stephens
Research Fellow
Centre for the History of European Discourses
University of Queensland Australia 4072
Phone: 61 7 3346 9493
Fax: 61 7 3346 9495

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