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'like me, a candidate for the cultural studies hall of fame' (Bon Scott via ouja board)
'bitch-slapping, bum-cracking good!' (Little Stevie via carrier pigeon)
'makes an old feller like me obsolete' (Glenn A. Baker via Foxtel)
'like lipstick, it's not just for boys, you know - a revelation!' (Myf Warhurst, 'Spicks and Specs')

Sounds of then, sounds of now:
Popular music in Australia

Edited by Shane Homan and Tony Mitchell

In Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular music in Australia some of the country's most respected popular music researchers, 
musicians and music journalists document a range of past and present Australian sounds and scenes.

The collection maps recent changes in music consumption, production and media technologies, and the implications for local 
industries. It reconciles local music histories with contemporary practice, and reflects upon the growth and current diversity of 
Australian research, music genres and contexts, including jazz, rock, folk, metal, electronica, dance music, experimental music 
and hip hop. Chapters examining Aboriginal, Islander and world musics offer new perspectives on local and transnational 
relationships between popular music, geography and culture in Australia.

This text provides a means for understanding how popular music has expressed, reflected and influenced changes in Australian 
society through debates about youth, nationalism, censorship, local identity, contested spaces and enduring mythologies about 
'Australianness'. While some chapters examine earlier scenes and musical forms, the emphasis is upon Australian popular music 
since World War 2. At the same time, every chapter is informed by global debates and themes, including popular music's 
ongoing concerns with concepts such as nationalism, cultural imperialism, globalisation, authenticity, appropriation, the 
'mainstream', subcultures, genres and the impact of new media and the internet.

The authors' considerable experience in teaching and researching popular music studies has ensured a collection that is lively, 
accessible and well adapted to use in media, popular music, sociology, musicology and cultural studies courses. Each chapter 
contains a reference list, discography, a list of key web sites and discussion questions to assist students in linking chapter 
themes and issues to wider national and international debates.

At a time when Australian popular music is enjoying increasing international critical and commercial success, this wide-ranging 
new collection offers a critical revision of popular music's place in Australian society.

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