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Dear colleagues, Llewellyn Negrin's last post about her new (and very welcome) book has inspired me to list my own new book, which has been published by Hampton Press in the US this week. I hope some of you may find it of interest. "The Gendered Newsroom: How Journalists Experience the Changing World of Media" The Gendered Newsroom is a vivid exploration of the gendered production of news--and in particular the experiences of women--in the Australian print news media. The book engages with the question of how gender shapes newsroom culture and in so doing is concerned with production practices and cultural processes. It considers the dilemmas, constraints, negotiations and compromises which shape journalists’ day-to-day routines. It probes specific questions about gender in asking: # What is journalism and what is a journalist? # How is newsroom culture embodied? # How do female journalists experience newsroom culture? # How has global industry change impacted on the workplace and what does this mean for journalists? # How does feminism get played out in the newsroom? # What is the relationship of newsroom culture to the content of the news? The author’s astute empirical research provides a distinctive account of how Australian print news media journalists experience newsroom culture. The in-depth interviews with journalists ranging in age and industry experience reveal a complex culture coming to terms with dramatic industry change. Copies can be ordered on Hampton's website: http://www.hamptonpress.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=978-1-57273-872-0&Category_Code=PC Cheers Louise 
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