[csaa-forum] After Effects deadlines

Caroline Wake cwake at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 8 14:55:33 CST 2008

Dear all,

A gentle reminder about two deadlines ...

(1) the After Effects Symposium, Friday November 28, (due Sept 15)

After Effects: Trauma, Memory, Performativity

The symposium will feature keynotes by Helena Grehan and Paula Hamilton. Urban Theatre Projects will also be talking about their work and their latest project, which deals with the Cronulla riots, Stories of Love and Hate.

For more information see http://aftereffects-symposium.blogspot.com/


(2) the After Effects issue of Performance Paradigm, May 2009, (due Sept 30)

After Effects: Performing the Ends of Memory

This issue of Performance Paradigm (No 5) investigates the intersection of trauma, memory and performance. 

For more information see http://www.performanceparadigm.net/call-for-papers/

Best wishes,


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