[csaa-forum] Symposium on Paradox, May 5

Dimitris Vardoulakis dimitris.vardoulakis at arts.monash.edu.au
Tue Apr 29 09:33:00 CST 2008

We are organizing a symposium on *"Paradox and Indirect Communication"* 
as part of the Monash University Communications Studies research seminar 

Time: /May 5, 12.30 to 5.00 pm/
Place: /Monash University, Caulfield Campus, Building H, Room H225/

There will be papers by Peter Murphy, Markus Locker, Justin Clemens and 
Dimitris Vardoulakis.

Paradox is a potent form of communication---allowing us the capacity to 
talk about things that otherwise are practically impossible to talk 
about, things that otherwise would reduce us to withering silence. This 
seminar explores the nature of paradox as a form of meta-communication, 
and the role that it plays at the core of human culture---enabling human 
beings to pose religious, philosophical, artistic and other central 
questions of existence that otherwise could not be postulated or even 
conceived. The paper givers will consider the role of paradox in 
dramaturgical acts, in the religion-science dialogue, in 
decision-making, and in artistic representation---and will consider the 
kinds of strange truths and powerful cultural enigmas that can only be 
represented in, through and by paradoxical forms of communicative action.

For more details, please go to 

Everyone welcome.


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