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Tuesday 19 February 2008
5:30pm - 6:30pm
The University of Queensland Art Museum - St Lucia UQ [see map <http://www.uq.edu.au/maps/index.html?menu=1&x=G.78&y=6.2&z=1&xc%5B%5D=G.78&yc%5B%5D=6.2&id=150&facilityType=&backURL=> ]


"Shaping the Cinematic City: Three London Journeys"

Professor Charlotte Brunsdon, Professor of Film & Television Studies, University of Warwick, UK.

The topic of the cinematic city, or 'cinema and the city', has attracted increasing attention in recent years. Many scholars have explored ideas of the cinema and modernity, the spectacle of the city and the figure of the flâneur. This lecture moves away from these general questions of the cinema and the city to ask about the attractions and difficulties of considering the cinema and a particular city, in this case, London. With illustrations from a wide range of films, Prof Brunsdon will explore the extent to which we can usefully think about this cinematic city through the journeys that are made to and within it. Prof Brunsdon is interested in the extent to which 'the arrival in the city' or 'crossing the River' can be used as structuring devices to understand not just the cinematic geographies of particular films, but something of the history of London as a cinematic city as it comes to terms with the end of empire.

About the Presenter

Professor Charlotte Brunsdon <http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/film/staff/brunsdon/>  is the author of London in Cinema: the Cinematic City since 1945 (2007) and Screen Tastes: Soap Opera to Satellite Dishes (1997). She teaches at the University of Warwick, UK. Professor Brunsdon is touring Australia with the support of the ARC Cultural Research Network <http://www.uq.edu.au/crn/> .

This lecture will be chaired by Professor Graeme Turner. Members of the public are invited to attend these free lectures, after which light refreshments will be served.

Getting here: We encourage people to use public transport to reach the University where possible - for more details on this please follow the link http://www.translink.com.au/uq. Alternatively, parking vouchers for the UQ multi-level parking building [see map <http://www.cccs.uq.edu.au/maps/index.html?menu=1&x=F.17&y=4.4&z=1&xc%5b%5d=F.17&yc%5b%5d=4.4&id=16&facilityType=&backURL=> ] at the St Lucia Campus are available to assist members of the community who attend this free public lecture. The vouchers, which waive the parking fees for the multi-story parking building, are only available for collection from Centre staff at the event. Click here for details <http://www.cccs.uq.edu.au/index.html?page=21909&pid=16377> .

Enquiries to Ms Rebecca Ralph, Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies.   Phone (07) 3346 7407, fax (07) 3365 7184, email admin.cccs at uq.edu.au or r.ralph at uq.edu.au


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