[csaa-forum] New postgrad network

kiley gaffney k.gaffney at uq.edu.au
Fri Sep 28 19:06:15 CST 2007

Postgrads you have a home on facebook!

The Cultural Studies Postgrad Network Australia group is now up and running.
Apologies to our New Zealand colleagues for neglecting their inclusion
inadvertently. It should read Australasia but it is seemingly impossible to
change that title now.

It would be nice for this site to act as a forum for postgrads and early
career researchers to talk about their research, ideas, difficulties and
leave links to their blogs or homepages. I hope it will be a space where we
can connect with each other and forge a real sense of community that feels
safe to experiment with ideas before they are necessarily fully formed and
articulated. Some of us may like to work on ideas together or realize our
connections with others and eventually collaborate on conference panels or
articles or whatever may eventuate. Also, if you have a blog or homepage up
and running, leave your details so we might all discover what you have to

I¹m imagining the site might prove untenable for extended dialogues to take
place and I am aiming to get something up on the CSAA website (whether as a
forum or something different) when the executive finds a new website editor
and I have a chance to gauge how many of you might find this kind of forum

See you online,

PS See you at the UniSA  "sustaining cultural research" postgraduate and ECR
day on the 5th!!
And if not, at the Sustaining Culture conference!

Kiley Gaffney
School of English, Media Studies and Art History
University of Queensland,
St Lucia.  Qld.  4072

(617) 3365 2687 

Your kindly CSAA postgrad representative!

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