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Dear Colleagues
Issue no 124 of Media International Australia (MIA) is now available:
"Mapping Media", edited by Susan Ward and Albert Moran.
Theme editors, Susan Ward and Albert Moran, present seven diverse papers
that address the emerging and important topic of media, place and space.
Their authors canvass a range of countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, India,
China and Denmark, as well as Australia) and case studies (talkback,
formats, feature film, cinema multiplexes, locative media and community
newspapers). Their studies grapple with important dimensions of media's
constitution in global as well as local contexts, offer new
formulations, and convincingly indicate new directions for inquiry and
theory. I was particularly impressed by the detailed, careful
observation, and thoughtful, suggestive analyses that all the papers
offer-exemplary in their attention to tracing the contours of media
worlds in motion.
Abstracts and further details are available on the website:
Contents, No 124, August 2007
General Articles
Media and the university: The Henry Mayer legacy, by Peter Manning

Australian press, radio and television historiography: An update, by
Bridget Griffen-Foley

Super size me: Accounting for television advertising in the public
discourse on obesity, by John Sinclair and Rowan Wilken

Discourses of choice in Australian pay TV, by Teresa Rizzo

Competition is getting real in Chinese TV: A moment of confrontation
between CCTV and HSTV, by Yong Zhong
Mapping Media
Mapping media, by Susan Ward and Albert Moran

The role of talkback radio in Hong Kong and Singapore: An initial
exploration, by Richard Fitzgerald

Contours of community: The independent community press in Southeast
Queensland, 2006,  by Kitty van Vuuren

Multiplex cinemas and urban redevelopment in India, by Adrian Mabbott
Athique and Douglas Hill

Danish and Australian television: The impact of format adaptation, by
Pia Majbrit Jensen

The new media geography of global and local production networks, by
Doris Baltruschat

Localising global television, by Albert Moran

Hong Kong: Changing geographies of a media capital, by Anthony May and
XiaoLu Ma

Encountering space, places and memories in Australian landscapes, by
Francesca Veronesi and Petra Gemeinboeck
Reviews, Edited by Kitty van Vuuren 
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