[csaa-forum] Rethinking Performance" and "Performativity" panel

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Tue Jun 5 18:24:27 CST 2007


I'm posting this for a friend. Please reply to Annette Schlichter:
aschlich at uci.edu

For the 7th International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference
Cultural Studies Initiative, University of the West Indies Kingston,
Jamaica, scheduled for July 3 to 7, 2008, we are looking for submissions

for a panel on:

Rethinking Performance" and "Performativity"

The notions of "performance" and "performativity" have become key
concepts in gender and queer studies, from where they traveled into the
intellectual terrain of
cultural studies. While the terms have often been used to discuss
relations of body, power, knowledge and gender or sexual identity, it
remains a question how well
they function in various disciplinary and cultural contexts. This panel
will look more closely at the relationship between performance and
performativity. We are
interested in working through productive intersections of and tensions
between the terms. Despite a number of publications that discuss the
theatrical as well as the
linguistic valences of the terms, the specific dynamics between the two
in cultural analyses still has to be theorized. The panel will provide a

critical reevaluation of
existing notions of "the performative" in discourses of gender and
sexuality in relation to new cultural and disciplinary perspectives.

Possible topics might include (but are not limited to) the following:

- a "politics of the performative"
- intersections of performance and performativity
- "the performative" in media theory
- performativity, performance and re(media)tion
- performativity and the visual, the sonic
- performativity and translation
- transcultural performance / performativity
- speech act theory in new contexts
- queer and gendered speech acts
- uses of the performative in various disciplines
- performance, power, resistance

Please e-mail abstracts of 150 word to Annette Schlichter,
aschlich at uci.edu by June 20.

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