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Jason Wilson jason_a_wilson at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jun 5 17:53:10 CST 2007

Future Histories of the Moving Image

An international conference to be held at University
of Sunderland

16-18 November 2007

**** Due to growing interest and new confirmed
speakers we have ****

extended the submission deadline:  30 June 2007

Keynote Speakers:  Professor Patricia Zimmermann
(Ithaca College, New York), and Holly Aylett (Vertigo
Magazine and Independent Film Parliament, UK)

As is now widely acknowledged, with the advent of
digital technology the nature of moving image
production, distribution and exhibition has changed
dramatically.  In particular, a rapidly increasing
number of people are now accessing an increasing
volume and range of moving image material online. 
This technology is also changing the way in which we
analyse and document current and historical moving
image practices, as there has been a recent
proliferation of digital archive and database projects
relating to film, video and television practices.  It
is timely therefore to examine the changing ways in
which we are circulating and interrogating all areas
of our moving image culture.

We would particularly welcome papers that address the
following areas:

–       What impact does the increasing reliance on
database resources have on the nature of the histories
we produce and write?

–       History as database vs history as narrative.

–       Implications of the proliferation of online
critical writing (from refereed academic journals
through to personal blogs) and its dissemination, with
the blurring of the traditional distinction between
professional and amateur writer.

–       The role and implication of immediate online
distribution/exhibition of works

–       What impact is digital distribution having on
theatrical exhibition?

–       Issues arising from the perceived need on the
part of major producers/broadcasters to develop
content for multiple platforms.

–       The implications of multiple producers being
able to disseminate a wide range of material to
multiple niche audiences (giving the idea of
‘narrowcasting’ a new meaning).

–       Revival/development of found footage
production practices with the availability of digital
archives such as Library of Congress Internet Archive
(including the Prelinger Archive) and BBC Open Archive

–       Questions relating to the increasing
accessibility online of moving image material in
relation to intellectual property and the development
of the Creative Commons copyright licence.

–       The creative influence of database logic on
film structure.

The conference will also host an open workshop – with
participation by the Arts Council England, the Tate,
the British Film Institute, Marcel Schwierin (Cinovid
Database, Germany) and Gaby Wijers (Netherlands Media
Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts) – which
will address the issues of securing the sustainability
and maximising the use/visibility of the growing
number of film and video database/online research
resources.  The workshop is funded by the AHRC
Networks and Workshops Scheme.

Check out our blog regularly for latest news:

Please send proposals of 200-300 words for papers of
approx. 20 minutes, together with a brief biographical
note by 30 June 2007 to the conference organisers
(Steven Ball, Julia Knight and Stephen Partridge) at
futurehistories at sunderland.ac.uk

Future Histories of the Moving Image is a joint
conference organised by the University of Sunderland,
the British Artists’ Film and Video Study Collection
(University of the Arts, London) and the Visual
Research Centre REWIND project DJCAD at the University
of Dundee, in collaboration with Convergence: The
International Journal of Research into New Media
Technologies.  All papers delivered at the conference
will be considered for publication in the journal.


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