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Mark Davis davismr at unimelb.edu.au
Tue Jun 5 14:30:21 CST 2007

V interesting thread. I'm currently researching 'the decline of the  
cultural mission in non-fiction book publishing, 1965-1995', looking  
at cultural nationalism, on similar lines to Vincent's work on the  
film industry, as part of a much larger project that looks at lit  
publishing as well. It's been v useful to see what others are doing,  
and I share the general sense of agreement that it's a crucial period  
(despite the dangers of bb nostalgia!).

Mark Davis
Publishing and Communications Program
School of Culture and Communication
University of Melbourne

On 04/06/2007, at 10:42 AM, Vincent O'Donnell wrote:

> Dear Stephen and the CSAA discussion list,
> I've been working on the  renaissance of the Australian film  
> production
> industry, an event that grew out of the resurgence of Australian
> nationalism in the 1960s, for the past decade.
> While a lot of my work has focussed on the state film corporations as
> organisations that were influential beyond their size and budgets,  
> part
> of the PhD I finish a year ago tries to unpack the networks of factors
> that shaped cultural policy in general, and the film industry in
> particular.  It seems to me (and I am not being unduely nostalgic)  
> that
> the '60s, '70s and '80s mark an apogee in national identity:  the  
> nation
> had assimilated the influence of post-war migration, shrugged-off much
> of the vestiges of the British Empire, especially after the retirement
> of Sir Robert Menzies, and had learned to live with US culture in
> cinema, television and popular music, as it ventured its own  
> production
> of cultural product, stimulated by government fiscal support.
> I have a hunch that much of that sence of identity has been lost  
> now as
> technilogical globalisation  drives a dissipation of cultural  
> identity,
> and the Keynesian approach to the stimulation of the cultural economy,
> an approach that has underpinned government support of national  
> cultural
> production since the 1970s, gives way to a market econmomy of cultural
> production.
> I've been producing the national radio program Arts Alive for a little
> over a decade now and I plan to go back to the stories we were  
> doing in
> 1997 in search of evidence to back up this hunch about identity.
> Best wishes,
> Dr Vincent O'Donnell
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