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Deleuze Studies

…from the moment there is genius, there is something that belongs to no school, no period, something that achieves a breakthrough …
- Gilles Deleuze and F*lix Guattari, Anti-Oedipus

Deleuze Studies is the first paper based journal to focus exclusively on the work of Gilles Deleuze. 

Published twice a year, in January and July, and edited by a team of highly respected Deleuze scholars, Deleuze Studies is a forum for new work on the writings of Gilles Deleuze. 

Deleuze Studies is a bold journal that challenges orthodoxies, encourages debate, invites controversy, seeks new applications, proposes new interpretations, and above all make new connections between scholars and ideas in the field. It will do this by publishing a wide variety of scholarly work on Gilles Deleuze, including articles that focus directly on his work, but also critical reviews of the field, as well as new translations and annotated bibliographies. It does not limit itself to any one field: it is neither a philosophy journal, nor a literature journal, nor a cultural studies journal, but all three and more. Deleuze Studies is as interdisciplinary as Deleuze himself was and welcomes contributions from scholars working in all fields.

Deleuze Studies is published by Edinburgh University Press with the support of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory at Cardiff University.

Ian Buchanan, Cardiff University

Reviews Editor
John Marks, Nottingham Trent University

Claire Colebrook, Edinburgh University
Gary Genosko, Lakehead University
Christian Kerslake, Middlesex University
Gregg Lambert, Syracuse University

Editorial Board:
Paul Patton, University of NSW
Brian Massumi, University of Montreal
Patricia Pisters, Amsterdam University
Rosi Braidotti, Utrecht University
Tim Murray, Cornell University
Peter Hallward, Middlesex University
Ronald Bogue, University of Georgia
David Rodowick, Harvard University
Tom Conley, Harvard University
Keith Ansell Pearson, Warwick University
Bent Meier Sorensen, Copenhagen Business School
Dorothea Olkowski, University of Colorado
Constantin Boundas, Trent University (Emeritus)
Michael Hardt, Duke University
Eugene Holland, Ohio State University
Daniel Smith, Purdue University
Bruce Baugh, University of Cariboo
Adrian Parr, Cincinnati College of Art and Design
Martin Fuglsang, Copenhagen Business School
Jean-Jacques Lecercle
Philipe Mengue
John Protevi, Louisiana State University
Charles Stivale, Wayne State University
Todd May, Clemson University
James Williams, Dundee University
Manuel DeLanda, Columbia University

Deleuze Studies seeks the following contributions.

Original, previously unpublished articles that enhance our knowledge and understanding of any aspect of Deleuze’s work (articles should be between 7000 and 10 000 words).

New translations of previously untranslated work by Gilles Deleuze (N.B., it is the responsibility of the translator to secure the relevant permission from author and publisher).

New translations of previously untranslated work in the field of Deleuze Studies Gilles Deleuze (N.B., it is the responsibility of the translator to secure the relevant permission from author and publisher)..

Critical reviews of recent work in the field, particularly if thematically constructed (e.g., reviewing the state of work in the field with respect to a particular topic area such as the body, or film).

Book reviews commenting on recent work(s) in the field of Deleuze Studies (potential reviewers should contact the reviews editor John Marks in the first instance).

Notes and queries that identify hitherto obscure source material in Deleuze’s work (e.g., by identifying the source of unattributed quotes in Anti-Oedipus), particularly annotations from unpublished manuscripts.

Conference reviews that report from the field, informing readers of the highlights, challenges, as well as new questions raised by various Deleuze symposia.

Bibliographies of work by Deleuze, particularly if identifying new translations and or previously unpublished material.

Bibliographies of work about Deleuze, particularly of thematically organised

Contributions should be submitted electronically to the editor Ian Buchanan (buchanani at cardiff.ac.uk), as attachments, preferably in word, formatted according to house style, double-spaced, 12pt, right-hand justified only. The medium of Deleuze Studies is English.

All general inquiries concerning Deleuze Studies may be directed to Ian Buchanan (buchanani at cardiff.ac.uk). 

Books for review and/or inquiries should be directed to Associate Professor John Marks (John.Marks at ntu.ac.uk). 

All subscriptions inquiries, including change of address notification, should be sent to Diana Spencer (diana.spencer at eup.ed.ac.uk)

Institutions: £70 
Individuals: £30 

Deleuze Studies is pleased to publish advertisements for new books, conferences, courses, etc. Sample advertising rates may be obtained by contacting Diana Spencer (diana.spencer at eup.ed.ac.uk)

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