[csaa-forum] CSAA announcements: two new awards and one bursary for scholars without institutional support

Paul Magee paul.magee at canberra.edu.au
Mon Sep 11 10:40:09 CST 2006

Dear All,

It¹s my pleasure to be able to announce a number of new CSAA initiatives, as
voted by the CSAA executive at our last meeting in August. These three
programmes are being introduced on a trial basis for 2006. If they prove
successful, we will endeavour to continue them into the future:

> 1. The CSAA will present two Cultural Studies Association of Australasia
> Awards for Best Postgraduate Abstracts to the writers of the two best
> abstracts submitted by New Zealand postgraduate and / or unwaged scholars to
> the 2006 annual conference.
> (The idea of these awards is to go some way toward matching the ARC¹s Cultural
> Research Network Awards, which have proved a great success, but were only open
> to Australian students. The CSAA awards come with bursaries of $600 AUD each
> to accommodate the two winners at the Saville for the days of the conference,
> and to cover some of their expenses).
> 2. The CSAA will set up a bursary of $2800 to assist scholars without
> institutional support (S.W.I.S. for short) to attend the 2006 annual
> conference. 
> (The idea of this bursary is primarily to lend some assistance to scholars who
> have completed their doctorates, and no longer have access to institutional
> sources of support such as conference funds. We particularly want to assist
> scholars who are unemployed / under-employed, and in search of academic work).
> 3. The CSAA will establish an award of $1500 for a cultural studies project on
> a specified theme (to be announced), to be granted as the outcome of a
> competitive bid.

The first two initiatives are open to all scholars whose papers have been
accepted at CSAA 2006. An email will be forwarded to all those scholars
shortly, with a request for eligible candidates to nominate themselves in
the manner there advertised. The terms, guidelines and submission dates for
the third initiative will be announced through CSAA-forum in the coming



Dr. Paul Magee

President, Cultural Studies Association of Australasia
Lecturer in Creative Reading
School of Creative Communication
University of Canberra
ACT 2601
02 6201 2402

Australian Government Higher Education (CRICOS)
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