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Dr Susan Yell sue.yell at arts.monash.edu.au
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Dear all

Just letting you know, a little belatedly, that our special issue of
Southern Review on 'Affective communication/communicating affect'  is
out now.

'Affective communication/communicating affect' (Southern Review 38.2,

Editorial: Communication, meaning, affect
 Susan Yell

Modelling sensemaking about communication: how affect and intellect
 Colleen Mills

Media, affect and the face: biomediation and the political scene
 Maria Angel and Anna Gibbs

Affect, time and the enunciative body
 Paul Atkinson and Susan Yell

Disability’s affect: or, refugees, communication and community
 Gerard Goggin and Christopher Newell

‘None so vile’? Toward an ethics of death metal
 Michelle Phillipov

Formats: performance and affect in talkback radio
 John Tebbutt

Details about Southern Review at:


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