[csaa-forum] The conference call - info on how to participate - Friday 13.00 est

Paul Magee paul.magee at canberra.edu.au
Wed Aug 9 11:20:59 CST 2006

Dear all,

Please find attached the document telling you how to participate in the
conference call. I¹ve pasted the content below, but it looks a lot nicer in

Get in touch if there¹s any confusions.

Looking forward to chatting again on Friday.



Dr. Paul Magee

President, Cultural Studies Association of Australasia
Lecturer in Creative Reading
School of Creative Communication
University of Canberra
ACT 2601
02 6201 2402

ECTeleconferencing Phone: 1800 80 84 80 reservations at ect.com.au
User ID:4 Time:Wed Aug 09 11:08:15 2006
Organisation Name: University of Canberra
Contact Name: Ann Harvey
Contact Phone: 0262015101
Contact Email: ann.harvey at canberra.edu.au
Conference Type: MeetNow! Reserved
DATE & TIME: Friday 11 August 2006 @ 13:00
Time Zone: NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas
Number Of Lines: 13 - additional lines can be allocated on request
Recording: No 
Australian Local Numbers
Adelaide 08 8220 0695 Brisbane 07 3811 0695 Canberra 02 6210 0695
Darwin 08 8989 0695 Hobart 03 6240 0695 Melbourne 03 8414 5110
Perth 08 9460 0695 Sydney 02 9696 0695
Australian Free Call Numbers
Australia 1800 333 803
International Free Call Numbers
New Zealand 0800 447 480
ECTeleconferencing Phone: 1800 80 84 80 reservations at ect.com.au
User ID:4 Time:Wed Aug 09 11:08:15 2006
Thankyou for requesting a MeetNow! Reserved teleconferencing facility. Your
service is reserved for use on Friday 11
August 2006 @ 13:00 ( NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas ) only.
The following are some basic instructions on how to initiate and control
your MeetNow! facility:
How do I invite people to attend the meeting?
Simply advise participants of the date and time ( in their timezone ) for
the meeting. You should also provide them with a
PIN and dial-in telephone number. You can do this most simply by forwarding
this attachment to all parties involved.
Which dial-in number should participants call?
You can utilise any combination of our dial-in telephone numbers for any
conference that you arrange. We recommend
that participants in capital cities call their respective local number and
participants outside the metropolitan areas call the
Australian Freecall number. This will minimise your costs and at the same
time prevent your participants incurring STD
charges. For unspecified international dial-in numbers, please contact our
head office on 1800 80 84 80.
How will the meeting commence?
The first participant to phone in will be placed on hold. The second
participant to join will start the meeting and any
subsequent caller will go straight into conference.
How will I know who is in the meeting?
Participants will be asked to state their name after they have successfully
entered their PIN. The recording of their name
will be played into the meeting as they enter and/or leave the conference.
What if I need assistance during the meeting?
Any caller can obtain assistance at any time by dialling *0 on their
telephone keypad, even whilst on hold. For people
who experience difficulty entering their PIN, an operator will manually
connect the caller to the conference; provided the
caller stays online and waits to be answered.
Conference Control Features*
All Participant Features: Moderator Features:
Press *0 For operator assistance Press *3 To mute or unmute participants
Press *6 To mute or unmute your line Press *5 To lock or unlock the
Press *7 To join or leave subconference Press *9 To end your conference
Press * # To hear a help menu, then:
Press 1 To dial in another participant
Press 2 To hear a roll call or participant count
Press 3 For conference lock options
Press 4 To intercept the last caller
Press 5 For mute line options
Press 6 To start or stop recording
Press 7 To return to the conference
Press 9 To enter cost code
* For more detailed information on how to use these features, please vistit

Australian Government Higher Education (CRICOS)
Registered Provider number: #00212K

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