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Telling Stories: Cinema, History and Experience

The XIIIth Biennial Conference of the Film & History Association
Melbourne, November 16-19, 2006

Jointly presented by the Department of Visual Culture, Monash University
and The School of Applied Communication, RMIT University.

The Film and History Conference is held every two years and is an
opportunity for international film scholars, archivists, and filmmakers
to present their thoughts on recent debates and events in the fields of:
film history, national and transnational cinemas, film theory, film
practice and the importance of cinema to specific communities.

The Conference Convenors invite papers that address the following four
themes (though other ideas will also be considered):

*Historical Film Theory and Criticism*
           o Histories of film theory and criticism
           o New approaches to (trans)national cinema
           o The uses of historical film theory and criticism

*Film, Memory and Allusion*
           o The history wars in the cinema
           o Indigenous histories
           o New and potential archive practices
           o Personal memory and new media
           o Remembering the national in transnational cinemas

*The Social Experience of Cinema-going*
           o Experiences of the moving image on a screen other than a cinema
           o Diasporic film audiences in Australia
           o Regional audiences
           o Cinema architecture
           o The role of cinemas in community sustainability
           o Trends in cinema consumption

*The Junction of Television and Film*
           o Television goes to the movies
           o The small screen sensibility of some Australian cinema
           o Mini-series
           o Television and its role in film production

The Conference Conveners will accept proposals for papers until May 30th
2006. Abstracts of no more than 250-words and a 100-word biography
should be sent to Con Verevis: Con.Verevis at arts.monash.edu.au

A selection of refereed conference papers will be published in advance
of the Conference in the October 2006 issue of Senses of
Cinema. Delegates seeking to have their work considered for publication
should submit an essay of approximately 3,000-words no later than August
30, 2006.
For more information contact Con Verevis:
Con.Verevis at arts.monash.edu.au
Visit the conference website: 

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The XIIIth Biennial Conference of the Film & History Association
Melbourne, November 16-19, 2006


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