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UNSW  School of Media Film and Theatre
5 p.m. Wednesday 15 March
Webster Building 327

An other Bazin: realism and authenticity
Richard Rushton

The received wisdom about Andre Bazin is that he advocates a theory 
of realism in the cinema which has its basis in a correspondence 
between films and perceptual reality. Alongside this common view, I 
propose another Bazin, one who theorises realism as a matter of 
authenticity or as a 'way of life'. From this perspective I argue 
that Bazin's notion of realism has much in common with what the art 
historian Michael Fried has called 'absorption' in the history of 
art. I thus argue that Bazinian realism has less to do with 
perceptual realism than with an antitheatricality that leads to 

Richard Rushton was awarded his PhD by the University of Sydney in 
2000.  He is now a Lecturer at the Institute for Cultural Research at 
Lancaster University, United Kingdom. He has published articles on 
the theories of Christian Metz, Gilles Deleuze and other aspects of 
film theory. He is currently writing a book on theories of realism 
and reality in the cinema.

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