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   Landscapes of Exile: 'Once Perilous, Now Safe'
   27-28 July 2006
   Byron Bay, New South Wales

   CALL FOR PAPERS - Deadline for Abstracts 2 February 2006

The Centre for Cultural Diversity and Social Justice (formerly Centre 
for Law, Politics and Culture) together with the Centre for Public 
Culture and Ideas will present a third part to the cross-disciplinary 
symposia Landscapes of Exile held previously in 2004 at the 
University of Barcelona's Centre for Australian Studies, and at the 
New Norcia Monastery in 2005, hosted by the Institute of Advanced 
Studies, University of Western Australia.

Byron Bay is Australia's most easterly point with a landscape that is 
breathtaking and beautiful. Known by local Aboriginal Arakwal people 
as cavanbah - meeting place - Byron Bay has become one of the most 
significant icons in the Australian imagination, a destination for 
backpackers from around the world, a centre of enormous cultural 
activity and one of the jewels in what is known as the rainbow region 
of northern New South Wales.

This third symposium will extend earlier explorations on the theme of 
landscapes of exile into questioning how space becomes place through 
cultural, artistic, intellectual and ethical practices. Australia has 
been a major focus of these symposia, from the convict experience in 
Tasmania to the establishment of a Spanish monastery in Western 
Australia. Exile has affected the human condition in complex and 
diverse ways. It can be traumatic as well as transformative. What 
chiefly characterizes the experience of exile is that the landscape 
becomes a crucial feature of survival and meaning. Byron's 
lighthouse, built over a century ago, oversees the bay, etched with 
the Latin motif 'once perilous, now safe.'

We invite contributions from scholars, writers, media practitioners, 
artists and musical composers to make presentations.

Following the 2004 & 2005 symposia, all invited papers in 2006 will 
address the experience of 'exile': understood in both the strictest 
sense of the word and also in the widest metaphorical sense to 
include, for example, forced migration, experiences of internal exile 
and incarceration, place and the ethics of belonging.

We are particularly interested in opening up cross disciplinary 
discussion among scholars working in the fields of the Trans-Atlantic 
Slave Trade, Spanish Civil War Studies, Immigration Studies, 
Indigenous Studies, Convict Studies, Whiteness Studies, Queer 
Studies, Place Studies, Inter-colonial Transportation, personal 
experiences of forced exile/migration, experiences of returning 
migrants, refugees and asylum seekers among others.

This symposium has been scheduled to closely precede the Byron Bay 
Writers' Festival, which occurs from 4-6 August.

Please send a 250 word abstract of your paper with full contact 
details.  Deadline for abstracts is 2 February 2006.

SEND ABSTRACTS TO: Dr Erika Kerruish <ekerruis at scu.edu.au>

Convened by:
Assoc. Professor Baden Offord                       	Professor Anna Haebich
Centre for Cultural Diversity & Social Justice       	Centre for 
Public Culture and Ideas
Southern Cross University                        
	Griffith University
rofford at scu.edu.au                                
	a.haebich at griffith.edu.au

Conference Secretariat:
Karen Hanna
khanna at scu.edu.au
Southern Cross University

Please visit http://www.scu.edu.au/research/clpc/events.html - The 
Call for Papers deadline will be updated shortly on this website. 
Please note it is 2 February 2006 and not 22 January 2006. 
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