[csaa-forum] CFP: Vakavuku Pacific Epistemologies Conference, July 3-7 2006, University of the South Pacific

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CFP: Vakavuku - Navigating Knowledge - Pacific Epistemologies Conference
July 3-7 2006,
University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji
Call for Papers

Keynote: David Gegeo
Plenary speakers: Konai Thaman, Teresia Teaiwa, Pio Manoa,  Manuka  
Henare, Anita Heiss, Vicente M. Diaz
How do we know what we know? Where do we learn it from? Who and what  
teaches us? What is the purpose of that knowledge? How do we live it?  
How do we use it? How do we represent it and ourselves? How do we  
understand the world, life, death, happiness, love, authority? Where  
does this understanding come from? Where does it take us?

These are the questions that today's Pacific epistemology seeks to  
answer. In a complex world, they are important questions to ask and  
answer so that Pacific knowledge is understood and disseminated.  
Pacific Epistemology is a celebration of knowledge but it is also a  
critical enquiry into the multiple directions in which our Ocean is  

Pacific scholars, intellectuals and artists are invited to discover  
new ways to energise Pacific thinking and learning and to create  
innovative paradigms. Various ongoing discussions, particularly in  
the social sciences and humanities about epistemological issues,  
suggest a greater need, now more than ever, for substantive debate in  
this area.

Modernisation is a challenge to traditional cultures and local ways  
of thinking. Young Pacific islanders, for example, view the old ways  
as an obstacle to their personal advancement. With globalisation the  
Pacific is confronted with social, economic, religious, environmental  
and technological issues that are vast and complex. But there exists  
within Pacific cultures a profound wealth of knowledge that needs to  
be encouraged and developed. We invite you to debate the various  
issues under any of the subject headings listed below.

Humour and Emotion
Health and Morality
Death and Life (Hereafter)
Rhetoric and Ritual
Reconciliation and Justice
Oceans and Islands
Aesthetics and Art
Orality and Learning
Space and Time
Reciprocity and Contract
Residence and Identity
Christianity and Indigeneity
Abstracts of about 250 words for proposal papers of 20 minute  
duration. If you are interested in being part of a panel indicate the  
area you are interested in with a 450 words abstract. Submit your  
abstract together with very brief bio-note including institutional or  
personal address and contact email by 30th November 2005 to  
thomas_l at usp.ac.fj or post abstract to:

Larry Thomas, Department of Literature and Language, School of  
Humanities, University of the South Pacific, Private Mail Bag, Suva,  

Participation in the Conference is open to anyone writing and  
researching the Pacific and Pacific Island scholars are especially  
invited to attend and take part.

As part of the conference and running concurrently will be a Pacific  
film, artists and writers festival.

For further information visit the conference website: http:// 

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