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WAR / TERROR PAPERS: Interrogating the Paradigm
SCMP Research Seminars, Macquarie University
Semester 2, 2005
Convenor: Dr Deborah Staines

You are invited to this special Macquarie University research seminar
series which addresses an important contemporary topic. This series aims
to interrogate the paradigm of 'war & terror', by intervening in the
popularised relation of these terms and questioning their dominance over
alternative means of understanding contemporary realities. Drawing on
cultural theory, the presentations introduce a range of political,
legal, artistic and social critiques to the paradigm of 'war &

September 1, 1-2pm 
Chaired by Professor Mitchell Dean, Dean of SCMP
Dr Ben Saul (University of NSW)
'Defining Terrorism to Protect Human Rights'
Dr. Saul specialises in public international law, and is the co-author
of Future Seekers: Refugees and the Law in Australia (Federation Press,
Sydney, 2002). He has been a legal expert for the UN Committee on the
Inalienable Rights of the Palestinians, conducted human rights training
of Bhutanese refugees in Nepal for UNHCR, assisted the UN Human Rights
Committee in Geneva, and undertaken field research on internal
displacement in Sudan.
W6A Rm. 707

September 9, 1-2pm 
Dr Bronwyn Winter (University of Sydney)
'Women, War and Globalisation: Making the Connections'
Dr Winter is Senior Lecturer in French Studies, and has conducted
research on Muslim society, including fieldwork in Afghanistan and
Israel. Recent publications include 'Secularism aboard the Titanic:
Feminists and the Debate over the Hijab in France' in Feminist Studies
(forthcoming 2005), and contributing co-editor to September 11, 2001:
Feminist Perspectives (Spinifex 2002).
Chaired by Professor Peter Menzies, Philosophy
W6A Rm. 707

September 16, 1-2pm
Dr Anna Gibbs (University of Western Sydney) 
'Horrified: Media Affect and the Corporeality of Vision'
Dr Gibbs is a researcher in the new Writing and Society Research
Concentration at the University of Western Sydney. Her recent
publications include 'Pauline Hanson and the Epidemiology of Affect',
Australian Humanities Review, Nov. 2001, and 'Disaffected', Continuum,
16:3, 2002. She is currently working on a project about the role of
affect in mimesis as a contagious social process.
Chaired by Dr Jennifer Rutherford, Critical & Cultural Studies
W6A Rm. 707

October 7, 1-2pm
Dr Nina Philadelphoff-Puren (Monash University)
'Speech Acts, Torture Acts: the Bybee Memo and Mamdouh Habib'
Dr Philadelphoff-Puren is a member of the Trauma, Text and Testimony
Research Group. Her major research interests are in theories of
testimony, trauma and witnessing, feminist theory, feminist legal
scholarship, law and literature.
Chair TBA
W6A Rm. 707

October 14, 1-2pm
Professor Ken Baxter with Sandra Bilson, MA (Centre for Policing,
Intelligence and Counter Terrorism)
'On Counter Terrorism, Policing, and Intelligence'
Ken Baxter is Adjunct Professor at Macquarie University and the
Director of PICT. He is Policy Adviser to the Chief Secretary of PNG;
has lectured to the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) 'Quantum
Beyond Leadership Programme'; and provides advice to the New Zealand
government on the RNZDF.
Sandra Bilson is Operations Manager (PICT), and has performed strategic
intelligence and criminal investigation roles in the AFP, ADF and NCA.
Chair TBA 
W6A Rm. 707

October 21, 1-2pm
Dr Katherine Biber (Macquarie University)
'"The Horrid Banquet of Human Flesh": the Terror of the Law'
Dr Biber is a legal scholar and historian in Law, and her paper offers
a critique in which the Law's cruelty and violence is not other to
itself. Her research focuses on race and representation, crime and
transgression, and visual culture. 
Chair TBA
W6A Rm. 707

October 28, 1-2pm
Mr David Williams (version 1.0 Theatre Company/UNSW)
'Re-presenting War/Terror: Performance Interventions into the Terrified
Politic (a lecture performance with video)'
Mr Williams is a founding member and artistic director of the
performance group version 1.0, and has devised and performed in The
Second Last Supper, CMI (A Certain Maritime Incident) and The Wages of
Spin, now touring. A scholar-practitioner, his PhD candidature is at
Chaired by A/Professor Tom Burvill, Critical & Cultural Studies
W6A Rm. 707

November 4, 1-2pm
Dr Jeff Lewis with Dr Belinda Lewis (RMIT)
'Transforming the Bhuta Kala: the Bali Bombings and Indonesia's
Transition to Civil Society'
Dr Jeff Lewis is a Senior Research Fellow in the Globalism Institute,
RMIT. His new book Language Wars: the Role of Media and Culture in
Political Violence and Global Terror, Pluto Books, is out this year. Dr
Belinda Lewis teaches in health and social-cultural diversity. She was
Senior Research Fellow for a major research project for the Department
of Human Services, Government of Victoria.
Chair TBA
W6A Rm. 707

All welcome.
Sandwiches served.

Dr. Deborah Staines
Macquarie University
North Ryde, NSW 2109
E: Deborah.Staines at scmp.mq.edu.au
P: +61 2 9850 8980
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