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> Subject: 	Stephen Muecke: UNSW seminar 
> UNSW Media, Film and Theatre Seminars
> 5 p.m. Wednesday 31 August 2005
> Webster Building 327
> The Invention of Slowness
> Unifying Nature and Culture 
> Stephen Muecke
> Sten Nadolny's brilliant novel, The Discovery of Slowness, invents a slow style for telling the story of John Franklin, arctic explorer and sometime governor of Tasmania, hence the Franklin River, hence (in my mind) a politics of ecology, something which cannot be done without some unification of the sciences and the humanities.  Nature is dead, says Bruno Latour: long live 'naturecultures'.  In order to 'bring the sciences into democracy' he invents a new political structure which abolishes dualisms like culture vs. nature, value vs. fact, morality vs. ontology.  Bruno has a conversation with Michel Serres who tells us about culture and time.  By its very nature, culture incorporates the ancient and the modern.  Just who do we moderns think we are?  Masters of Nature?  Not any more,  for it might be in our natures to listen to the arguments things put to us, before we rush to conclusions... 
> Stephen Muecke is a writer and research professor in Cultural Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney. He has written on Indigenous Australia  and more recently on the Indian Ocean. His latest book is Ancient & Modern: Time, Culture and Indigenous Philosophy (UNSW Press 2004). 
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