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CALL FOR PAPERS: Visual Communication
Communication researchers, educators, and practitioners, including
postgraduate and final or honours year students in communication,
design, media, journalism, cultural studies, and public relations are
invited to submit papers for a PRism special issue on visual

PRism (ISSN 1448-4404) is a free-access, online, fully-refereed academic
public relations and communication journal available at
http://praxis.massey.ac.nz/prism_on-line_journ.html. It was established
in 2002 to meet the need for readily available, quality controlled
critical and practical communication research materials online, and
published its first issue in 2003. PRism is hosted by Massey University
and supported by an international editorial board comprising 50 leading
academics in communication and related fields.

Topic parameters:
Research in visual communication is one of the youngest within the
social sciences. There are no established criteria to conduct this type
of research, however, the fields of psychology, education, art history,
ethnography, cultural, and multimedia studies can provide some guiding
principles toward building empirical knowledge. Visual elements can make
valuable contributions at three different stages of empirical enquiry:
data acquisition, data analysis and data reporting. 

We would like to review innovative tools to collect visual information,
novel ways to analyse it, and original reporting channels or new
publication outlets (including this journal). These both shape and are
shaped by what we notice as valid research elements and how we
understand what we see. We expect contributions in PR and communication
related (but not limited) to the following fields: education, learning,
personal development, professional development, teacher development,
corporate and community development, and leadership development. 

Possible topics:

What new research approaches can be developed to account for the
specificity of visual or audio-visual elements as opposed to textual
How can visual and audio-visual elements be integrated in the learning
How do different research streams use visual and audio-visual elements
to present social constructs from their specific fields of interest?
How are collective identities defined, constructed and represented in
visual media? What methodologies can we develop to make sense of this
construction process?
How do visual artefacts and methods help or hinder the representation of
constructs such as cognitive interpretations, understanding and
insights? How may they assist in analysing interaction or impact on
How may individual and collective visual representations complement each
other in, for instance, collective capacity building?

Notes for intending authors:
Please send articles of up to 5000 words to Annick Janson
[a.janson at auckland.ac.nz] by February 15, 2006. Please indicate "Call
for Papers - PRism 2006" in the subject line. Expressions of interest
(abstracts up to 500 words) may also be sent to the Editor before this
Audio-visuals and illustrations
Because of its online format, PRism is able to spearhead publication
modalities and will endeavour to support the different kinds of
multi-media that researchers would like to propose, including
specifically still pictures, audio files, moving media and film digital
clips (which will be viewed through Windows media player (PC), QuickTime
media players, or Flash animation). In addition, PRism is also open to
other types of audio-visual material that researchers have collected.
Please contact the guest editor to discuss.
Manuscript guidelines
Articles should be academically rigorous (e.g. methodologically and
theoretically sound, and thoroughly researched and referenced) but
written in a style that is accessible to anyone interested in
communication and its implications. Use plain English and, if you must
use jargon, clearly explain its meaning. When submitting your final
article (as a word document, rtf or PDF file attached to an email),
please also send a 100 word biography that tells us a few fun facts
about you and your interests.

Please adhere STRICTLY to APA style in preparing your manuscript and
references. Articles which do not fulfil these criteria will not be sent
to referees. We reserve the right to edit your work before publication.

All articles submitted to PRism must be original, unpublished work, and
should not be under simultaneous consideration by any other publishing
outlet. If a full article is accepted for publication following
successful progress through the refereeing process, the author agrees
that it will then be published and archived on the PRism website. If an
article published on PRism is later published elsewhere, the latter
publication must acknowledge prior publishing on PRism.

If you would like high-level, constructive feedback on your work in
progress, please send an abstract or article draft for consideration.
Our referees are dedicated to making the publishing experience a
pleasant one; they will highlight your strengths and guide and encourage
you step-by-step through any changes needed to reach publishing
standard. Support of this nature for postgraduate publishing is rare: so
please take advantage of the opportunity while it exists. We wish you
good luck and look forward to receiving your work!

More information: http://praxis.massey.ac.nz/335.html

Guest editor
Annick Janson
a.janson at auckland.ac.nz
Excelerator - New Zealand Leadership Institute
The University of Auckland Business School
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019, Auckland New Zealand

Elspeth Tilley
Lecturer in Communication
Room 6C13A
Department of Communication & Journalism
Massey University
PO Box 756
Aotearoa New Zealand
Ph +64 4 8015799 ext. 6598
Fax +64 4 8012693/6555
Editor,  PRism refereed online journal
of PR & communication research

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