[csaa-forum] MPs respond to "HASS on the Hill"

Toss Gascoigne director at chass.org.au
Wed Jul 20 12:40:23 CST 2005

Dear csaa-forum

So far we've had responses from 160 Members and Senators (out of 226), to
our request for a meeting on various issues.  This is part of our event
"Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences on the Hill", in Canberra on 16-17

101 MPs have accepted, and responses from the other 66 are still rolling in.

If you are interested in attending, note that registrations for the event
will close at about the end of this month.  We then begin the process of
matching MPs with experts in their chosen area of discussion.

Registration and general information is on our web site:  www.chass.org.au

We asked all MPs to nominate what issues they'd like to discuss with experts
from the HASS sector, from a list of 10 possible topics.  Below is a list of
the 10 topics, and the number of MPs selecting each one:

16  Australia in Asia and the Pacific: language, culture and trade.
22  Aboriginal Australians: health, welfare and reconciliation.
8  Creativity in the innovation economy.
12  Drugs, crime and security.
12  Breathing new life into bush communities.
22  People and the environment: sustainable water and land use.
17  Better cities and a better world: how design and social infrastructure
can help.
13  Australian cultural heritage: history, literature, the arts and
19  The ageing of Australia: implications for health, employment and
18  Improving our education system

(MPs can nominate more than one issue.)

And then three MPs have nominated "other" issues.

1   Weather modification
1   Work and family childcare, youth or women
1   Access of young Australians to reproductive information

 (Any experts in weather modification out there?  Register now!)


Toss Gascoigne

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