[csaa-forum] John Tulloch

Melissa Gregg m.gregg at uq.edu.au
Wed Jul 20 09:53:33 CST 2005

Posted on behalf of Graeme Turner:

> Many will have noticed that Professor John Tulloch was among the 
> Australian casualties of the London bombings. For those who weren't 
> around then, John Tulloch was for many years the most senior person in 
> the developing field of Australian cultural studies and his own work 
> has made a major contribution over several decades. He edited the 
> pioneering Australian Cultural Studies monograph series published by 
> Allen and Unwin from the mid-1980s, and he provided support and 
> legitimacy for many of us who were trying to convince our universities 
> to commence subjects and courses in cultural, media, or film studies. 
> During the 1980s in particular John was extremely valuable as a 
> mentor, facilitating the development of the work of others.  Indeed, I 
> owe him a great personal debt for his unstinting support of my own 
> work over that period.

> John is now recovering from his injuries but is still suffering from 
> extremely debilitating after-effects of the concussion. It will take a 
> long time until he is back to anything like normal, and so he is 
> facing quite a difficult time ahead.

> If anyone would like to pass on their best wishes for John's recovery, 
> they can do so through his Brunel email address which is 
> John.Tulloch at brunel.ac.uk

> Graeme Turner

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