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Lelia GREEN l.green at ecu.edu.au
Fri Jun 17 16:18:17 CST 2005

Dear Colleague
Edith Cowan University and Queensland University of Technology are
submitting a joint tender to the Carrick Institute to obtain funding
that will enable us to develop a database driven Website showcasing
examples of best practice in Media and Communication assessment from
institutions both within Australia and beyond.
We are hoping to produce a site where Media and Communication teachers
can find strong assessment examples they can use in their own teaching.
The database is planned to contain actual examples of best practice in
M&C assessment so that teachers can model these in their own teaching
(as distinct from conceptual or theoretical examples).
To achieve these ambitious aims, we are looking for teachers from other
institutions with an interest in this area, to join our team. We are
trying to get members from as many institutions as we can to join the
team. Involvement in the team will mean some or all of the following
activities depending on a person's interest and time commitments:

*	attending a 1-day workshop (in Melbourne?) to plan the activity 
*	the development of a rubric to assist in the
identification/validation of high quality assessment examples  in M&C 
*	providing an example(s) of your own high quality assessment
practice in M&C for inclusion in the database 
*	sourcing examples of high quality assessment in M&C from others
for inclusion in the database 
*	evaluating examples of high quality assessment in M&C for
inclusion in the database

We will be seeking funding from Carrick for the 1 day workshop, a
project manager to coordinate the activities and some money for
development of the database ($100K).
We believe multi-institutional participation is a critical component of
our proposal to identify, critique and build a useful set of resources
as well as integral to the process of effective dissemination.
We are seeking expressions of interest from teachers in Media and
Communication from universities throughout Australia and ask that if
this project interests you that you let us know.  Perhaps if you are not
able to participate yourself, you have a colleague who might be.
We would be very happy to hear back from you as soon as possible, or
from a colleague, if there is interest and a willingness to be involved
in the project which we anticipate will run for the second half of 2005
and first half of 2006.
Lelia Green,
on behalf of
Ron Oliver & Stephen Towers

r.oliver at ecu.edu.au
s.towers at qut.edu.au

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