[csaa-forum] CFP & Rego open: Whiteness and the Horizons of Race

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**NB Registration for this conference is now available on the Australian
Studies Centre's website:  <outbind://26/www.asc.uq.edu.au>
www.asc.uq.edu.au **

Whiteness and the Horizons of Race 7-9 December 2005


A conference hosted by the Australian Studies Centre, University of


International Keynote Speaker:  Professor David Roediger.  Professor
Roediger is currently Chair, the Department of History, University of
Illinois.  His current research is on immigration and racial formation in
the United States. He has written extensively on whiteness, race and class.
Professor Roediger's forthcoming book is entitled Working toward Whiteness:
How American Immigrants became White (May 2005). 

National Keynote Speakers:  

Dr Suvendrini Perea. Dr Perera is based in the Faculty of Media, Society and
Culture at Curtin University of Technology. She has published widely on a
range of issues including race, ethnicity and multiculturalism and her
current research interests are in histories of coexistence in multiracial
societies. She is author of Reaches of Empire(1991).

Professor Marilyn Lake. Professor Marilyn Lake is Professor of History at La
Trobe University, where she currently holds a Professorial Research
Fellowship researching the gendered and racial identity of the colonial
white man.  She has published widely on subjects ranging from republicanism
to sexuality and race. Her most recent book is entitled Faith: Faith Bandler
Gentle Activist(2002).


Race and Whiteness are inextricably connected to the formation and politics
of modern nation states and the communities which inhabit their territories,
shaping identity, gender, class, representation, subjectivity, nationalism
and institutions such as the law. At this time in world history and global
politics questions about race and whiteness require critical investigation
and engagement. The conference will provide a new intellectual space to
investigate their nature and morphology.

For historical and other reasons whiteness and race have seldom been subject
to critical scrutiny.  The current political moment presents new
opportunities and imperatives to do so in a constructive and informed
spirit. As Ghassan Hage notes 'we Australians are witnessing what is perhaps
the most successful project of white Restoration ever witnessed in the
West'. An academic conference on the historical, gendered, social,
political, cultural, economic and discursive constructions of race and
whiteness can make an important contribution to broader public debates. It
provides the opportunity to examine popular understandings of race and
whiteness and to evaluate the ways in which current and historical debates
have taken and are taking shape.

This conference is an interdisciplinary project and we welcome contributions
from sociologists, social anthropologists, political scientists,
psychologists, educationalists, economists, literary scholars, legal
scholars, media scholars, philosophers, historians, feminists, Indigenous,
multicultural, Australian, postcolonial and cultural studies scholars.

Abstracts: 500 word abstracts due 31st July. Please email abstracts to
m.barton at uq.edu.au

Venue: Rydge's Hotel, Southbank, Brisbane

Convener: Dr Aileen Moreton-Robinson

Organising Committee: Dr David Carter, Dr Fiona Nicoll, Dr Maryrose Casey
and Ms Marilyn Barton





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