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Dr Graham St John
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies

Making a Noise—Making a Difference: From Techno-Punk to "Punk-Hop"

Date:		Thursday 16th June 2005
Place:	Seminar Room 402, Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies,
4th Floor Forgan Smith Tower, St Lucia Campus, The University of Queensland
– (Building 1) [See map]
Time:		2.00pm – 3.30pm

Members of the university community and the general public are invited to
attend this free seminar with refreshments to follow.

Please scroll down for further information or visit the website at

The seminar maps the ground out of which "punk-hop" outfit Combat Wombat
arose, exploring in the process, how punk became implicated in the cultural
politics of a settler society. Charting the contours of Sydney's early 1990s
techno-punk emergence, and tracking the mobile and media savvy exploits of
Combat Wombat (and their sound system Labrats) from the late 1990s, I will
cast light on the counter-colonial trajectory of post-punk.

Graham is a cultural anthropologist with an interdisciplinary research
interest in contemporary youth cultures, techno culture, counter cultures
and performance.  He is currently based at the Centre for Critical and
Cultural Studies as a postdoctoral fellow. 

Current projects include: 'Performing the Country', a study of  contemporary
performative contexts for the (re)production of 'Australianness' in the wake
of recent historical and ecological re-evaluations; 'Dance Tribalism and the
Global Party', which explores the local character and international flows of
rave and post-rave dance music culture; and 'Victor Turner and Contemporary
Cultural Performance', which critically investigates the relevance of the
theory and approach of Victor Turner in the study of contemporary cultural

For further information, please contact:
Ms Rebecca Ralph, Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
Ph. (07) 3346 9764   Fax (07) 3365 7184
Email: admin.cccs at uq.edu.au

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