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Toss Gascoigne director at chass.org.au
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Below is a media release from CHASS, issued at 1 pm on Sunday.


Toss Gascoigne


It is time to look again at Australia's national research priorities,
according to Professor Malcolm Gillies, President of CHASS (the Council for
the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences).

The Priorities nominate four key areas where Australian researchers should
concentrate their efforts. Research funds are channelled into these areas.

"There is a danger that research may be skewed in a way detrimental to
Australian interests," Professor Gillies said.

'Asia' is not mentioned as a priority concern, although it is the region of
Australia's most intense diplomacy, defence, aid, health and educational

"If Australia is to operate successfully in Asia, we need to put special
efforts into understanding our neighbours and trading partners."

This means working harder to build research-based capacity in Asian
languages, cultures and religions, and a knowledge of regional industry
policies and practices.

"It is important that our own culture and heritage be included in
discussions about revising national research priorities," Professor Gillies

"We need to build an independent Australian capability so that we can
respond, in our national interest, to the challenges and opportunities that
come our way.

He said the Government established a National Research Priority (NRP)
Standing Committee last February to conduct periodic reviews of the

CHASS hopes the Committee will consult widely before making recommendations.
Eight of its nine members have science or technological backgrounds, with
just one member from the humanities, arts and social sciences.

"People from the humanities, arts and social sciences are aware of their
responsibilities to contribute to debates on these matters, and would
welcome the opportunity to be more involved," Professor Gillies said.

The National Research Priorities are available at:

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