[csaa-forum] Vibewire.net e-Festival :: April 13-18

Tom Dawkins tomdawkins at email.com
Thu Apr 7 17:06:39 CST 2005

Hi everyone, please pass on to your networks and contacts, hope to see you
there! :)

The Vibewire.net e-Festival
APRIL 13-18 at www.vibewire.net/efestival

Coming up next week, Vibewire.net will be hosting Australia's first ever
online creative festival.

The e-festival is a conference focused on youth and media taken online and

We've taken the idea of experts presenting papers and flipped it on its
head. Rather than sitting

in a stuffy room, nodding off to the dull monotone of an academic reading
verbatim off their research

report, the e-festival is a dynamic, lively party. Everyone, expert or
non-expert, is able to take part

in conversations, share ideas and offer perspectives and insight not only
into the issues themselves,

but how you can do something about them.

GLOBAL ISSUES| Guests: Tim Colebatch- The Age | The Oaktree Foundation
|United Nations Youth Association | Adam Ma'anit - New Internationalist

CREATIVE JUICES | Guests: Australia Council | Australian Film Commission |
Fuel4Arts.com | Craig Silvey - Author, Rhubarb | Peter Wintonick - POV
Magazine, Canada

MEDIA AND DEMOCRACY | Guests: Julian Morrow - The Chaser | Robert
Greenwald - Director, Outfoxed| Margo Kingstom | Tony Wilson

SPECIAL NSW EVENT | What are the issues that matter to you? | 3-7pm 13 April
@ Vibewire.net/efestival

and many many more!

Check out www.vibewire.net/efestival to get involved.

See you Vibewire.net!



Vibewire.net e-Festival is proud to be associated with the Spectrum cultural
ideas festival being held in Sydney coinciding with the Vibewire.net
e-Festival>>> http://www.eccnsw.org.au/spectrum/


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