[csaa-forum] the new cs moralism

Ned Rossiter n.rossiter at ulster.ac.uk
Mon Apr 4 21:50:07 CST 2005

how sad that this list, as an index of the state of CS in Australia, is 
showing signs of a new  & particularly uptight moralism. If we [and 
yes, Johnathan, I have no problem invoking this 'we'; let's get over 
the first yr lecture please] ever needed to distinguish cs as a field 
of transformative intellectual praxis, it's now.

Instead, what do we get? A bizarre scurrying into the territory 
dictated by the enemy. Talk about a wonderful example of interpellation 
at work (who ever said Althusser was bunk?!) And talk about a 
disappointment and great reason to be disillusioned with what the 
authorities in CS have on offer for younger academics (I don't quite 
fit that category anymore) - the take home message: play it safe!  I 
hardly see that as a strategic or particularly smart move.

Anyone who thinks this list is read by and making an impression upon 
those in government policy in higher ed is seriously deluded.

I'm totally puzzled by the those who claim to be offended by Danny's 
postings.  (Greg be careful when you say things like 'puny-minded shit' 
-- you may face charges of elitism or anti-populism, or just outright 
offense due to your tone of language).  It seems that professionalism 
is producing a very beige cultural studies. Tasty.


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