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Howard McNaughton howard.mcnaughton at canterbury.ac.nz
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Cultural Studies at Canterbury plans two conferences in 2005:


*        Visual Culture,  one-day mini-conference mid July,  with Nick
Mirzoeff and Carol Mavor;  details currently being finalised.

*        Biculturalism or Multiculturalism, with Simon During, Jonathan
Lamb, Diana Brydon, Sneja Gunew and others;  details below.





Conference Announcement and Call for Papers


Biculturalism or Multiculturalism


A conference hosted by the School of Culture, Literature and Society,
University of Canterbury, 1-3 September 2005




Today the terms biculturalism and multiculturalism draw attention to an
argument in countries where colonial histories still shape thought and
where the effects of immigration have not been assimilated. They
indicate an unresolved conflict between the weight of history and the
accommodations of the present, between indigenous sovereignty and
immigrant rights. The preference for one or the other implicates the
role of the state in shaping ideas of nationalism as whole countries
seek to 'rebrand' themselves. In September 2005 the School of Culture,
Literature and Society at the University of Canterbury in conjunction
with the Canadian Government and ACSANZ will host a conference on
'Biculturalism or Multiculturalism'. Topics covered will include 21st
Century citizenship, the meanings of biculturalism, Asia in Australasia,
First Nation rights and immigrant cultures, the multicultural museum,
creolisation, the Pacific diaspora. The conference will look at the
differing but overlapping histories of the terms in New Zealand,
Australia and Canada.  As well attention will be paid to the Pacific.
But being held in New Zealand/Aotearoa, the conference will reflect
particularly the cultural situation there. 


Speakers include: Simon During, Jonathan Lamb, Diana Brydon, Sneja
Gunew, Robert Sullivan, Epeli Hau'ofa, Bridget Orr, Alex Calder, Chris
Prentice, Ghassan Hage, Vijay Mishra, Lydia Wevers, Alice Te Punga
Somerville, Denis McDermott, Simone Drichel, James Meffan, Deidre Brown,
Gregory O'Brien, Huhana Smith, Kylie Message, Jonathan Mane-Wheoki,
Teresia Teaiwi


The conference will be held in 'Our City' in central Christchurch. Note
that due to the size of the venue numbers will be limited, so people are
advised to register early.



Howard McNaughton

Head of School of Culture, Literature and Society

University of Canterbury

PO Box 4800


Aotearoa New Zealand 





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