[csaa-forum] CSAA membership details - please check the database

Susan Luckman Susan.Luckman at unisa.edu.au
Tue Mar 22 20:42:02 CST 2005

Dear CSAA members (and with apologies to those for whom this is not


This is the first year membership renewals for the CSAA have been
managed online and sorting out how to do this has meant that it's taken
a little longer than usual - our apologies for the delay. In the future,
all emails to CSAA members will use a list generated from within the
online database, so please update your email addresses on the database
as they change. For assistance negotiating the website, please contact
Amanda Wise the CSAA website editor amanda.wise at scmp.mq.edu.au.


This email, however, is going out on this list as I want to encourage
everyone who feels they should be a paid-up 2005 member to go in and
check that:


a)       their account is active (if not, please email
me:susan.luckman at unisa.edu.au);

b)      the details entered for you are correct; and,

c)       that you have your full postal address listed in the 'Address'
section of the database (with or without postcode and country details),
even if this means replicating your institutional and
departmental/school/centre details. This is because some people prefer
to have Continuum sent to their home or another address, so the output
mailing list generated from the database is best geared to just picking
up the postal details. This will make this humble Secretary's life much
easier! I'll be generating the postal list for the next Continuum at the
start of next week.


Please forgive us any glitches in the system; we're trying to iron them
out asap.


Cheers, and thanks, Susan




dr susan luckman 


lecturer in communication 

acting program director: communication, media and culture

school of communication, information and new media 

university of south australia 


gpo box 2471 

adelaide sa 5001 



ph: 08 8302 4152 

fax: 08 8302 4745 


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